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Welcome to the 1st day of the Share the Love series! I’ve got 8 guest bloggers lined up to share cheesy cuteness with us. I asked each blogger to choose one of the 100 valentine day sayings and make a crafty valentine for their kids, husbands, friends or co-workers! First up to Share the Love is Janel from Nellie Bellie…!
Valentine Day Sayings


Well, hello there! Aren’t you all just the coolest? I am so happy to join in on the Cheesy Valentine Sayings with Jamie. Anything Cheesy… I’m in! Throw in some love and it’s double fun!

I’m Janel from NellieBellie. And I’m one of those bloggers that does a little of everything. I can’t say I do any one thing terribly well. But, I try. And, golly gee…I sure have fun trying. My readers say they enjoy learning along with me. I’m certain they are upstanding people and wouldn’t lie to me. So…it must be true. Come by and say hi when you get a chance…I would love to have you! In the name of all things fair, here is a picture of me. So you can spot me in a crowd, of course…


Now that we are friends let’s move on to this cute and cheesy Valentine. See, I have a 9 year old boy (it’s okay, you can say I look young for my age. As many times as you want. I’ll wait) and finding Valentine’s he wants to give can be tricky, tricky. They are always too gushy, mushy. Or horror of horrors…have HEARTS. I know, gasp! So, each year I search out something new to do for him. When I saw this list of Cheesy Valentine sayings that Jaime put out I scrolled through and found a winner winner, chicken dinner! Cheesy and non-mush! So, I present this year’s “manly” Valentine…

Valentine sayings

No hearts. No mush. Just army guys, camo, and black. It was a winner. Score!

To make this cute “manly” Valentine you need:

cute valentine sayings

  • the printable found {HERE}
  • paper to print on (I bought camo scrapbooking paper)
  • army guys (can be found in most dollar stores and dollar sections)
  • duct tape (torn into little, baby strips)

To make this cute “manly” Valentine you need to do:

cute valentine sayings

Print the printable. (yes, it hardly seems worth saying. But, I’m milking my time on Jamie’s cool blog. Just stay with me.)
Cut it apart.

cute valentine sayings

Use a couple strips of duct tape to tape your guy on to the printable. You want it to look a bit like he is being restrained, kidnapped. Also, give room on the bottom for the guy to stand upright. It looks way cool to have these Valentine’s standing.

cute valentine sayings

Have your little guy sign his name on the very end. My Levi added a broken heart ( I think it looks like angel’s wings…he didn’t like that) so the girls wouldn’t think he was being mushy. Always thinking, that one.

And there you go…an easy and cheesy Valentine any little boy will be proud willing to give!

cute valentine sayings

Thanks so much Jamie for having me and letting me share my Cheesy Valentine with your readers…it’s been a privilege!


With Cheesy Love,

(aka NellieBellie)

*Love is a battlefield printable can be found {HERE}


  1. Now that is cute, and oh so clever!!! LOVE!

  2. These are so cute. My 10-year-old would love them!. He loves those little soldiers. Do you think that the schools would have problems with them due to the weapons? They can be so strict about things now a days (with good reason, of course!)

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Emily, good question! I feel like schools would be OK with a GI Joe Valentine. But, maybe you should ask the teacher first, just in case?

  3. eva scott says:

    ha ha…those are adorable

  4. Stop it.. My boys…or any boy would LOVE this! What a cute idea! I step on these army guys all through the dog-on house..but I am loving this V-Day Idea! Thanks for sharing Janel!

  5. Funny…almost the exact same Valentine I posted last year!

  6. This is hilarious! I am featuring it on my blog tomorrow!

  7. Maybe you don’t want your own link?! Haha here is the right link.

  8. This is so rad! Love this idea! Super cute, Janel!

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