Under the kitchen sink organization

Does this look familiar?
 This was one of the easiest organization projects I’ve ever done. All you need are these:
Believe it or not…these wire racks were hard to find! I found them at Lowes for $6.38…Home Depot does not have them!
Clean out the disaster area…. Check out my post on organizing if you need some pointers :) I was just trying to see how things would fit…

How does it get so dirty under the sink? Gross.

I was happy to find out I do own a fire extinguisher! Along with 10 sponges, multiples of many cleaners, and stove top scrubbers!

Here is the after:
Organizing makes me happy :)


  1. Great job, Jamie! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice! I would add a plastic basket (or two) for under the shelves to hold stuff like small bottles & sponges that could fall over and accidentally get shoved back out of sight. (I would prefer something more natural than plastic, like wicker, but under the sink always seems to be a bit damp and plastic is easier to clean IMO.) Thank you for this great blog – I check it every day, with out fail.

  3. awesome! love those simple organization solutions!!

  4. OHMIGOSH! I'm DEFINITELY going to have to do this! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Very nice! This is on my to-do list right now too! And organizing is a sick obsession I have…I secretly wish I could do it professionally!

  6. I love that you use a toothbrush for cleaning too 😛 Going to find some of those shelves!

  7. Is that the Brooklyn Lowe's? If you live in NYC they sell those shelves in Gem and Liberty.

  8. this is a great idea. thanks so much for sharing. im so doing this soon.


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