49 Tin can crafts

If you’ve been reading C.R.A.F.T. for awhile, you know I love a good giant round up of similar crafts! You can see all of the round ups here. Some of my favorites are 17 up cycled flower pots and 20 DIY light fixtures! I’ve done a few tin can crafts lately, and decided to see what else I could make with a good ol’ free tin can! I found lots of inspiration… check it out!

Tin can crafts

Organization crafts

1. Silverware caddy

2. Pen organizer

tin can craft

3. Yarn cubbies

4. Desk organizer 

5. Tin can caddy

6. Hairbrush storage

tin can craft

7. Art caddy

tin can crafts

8. Desk organizers

tin can crafts

9. Craft paint organization

10. Fabric covered organizers


Seasonal crafts and gifts

11. Snowman wind chime

12. Christmas tree

tin can crafts

13. Cookie gift

tin can crafts


14. Pumpkins

15. Teacher application gift

tin can craft

16. 4th of July windsock

17. Tin can trick

18. Christmas tree ornaments

19. Hostess gift

tin can crafts



Party decor crafts

20. Glowing table numbers

tin can craft



Kid  crafts

21. Animal tin cans

tin can crafts

22. DIY drums

23. Totem polls

tin can crafts

24. Stilts

25. Paint

26. Robot

27. Tin can creatures

tin can crafts



Home decor crafts

28. Lamp

29. Wreath

30. Wall art

 tin can crafts

33. Reading light

tin can crafts


Garden crafts

34. Container wall garden

35. Modern tin can pots

tin can crafts

36. Bird feeders

37. Stick vase

38. Herb pots

39. Indoor garden screen

tin can crafts

40. Outdoor drink holder

41. Trio of vases

42. Tin can grill

43. Wind chime

44. Herb garden

45. Tree lanterns

tin can crafts

46. Wind Socks


Food crafts

47. Mini cakes

48. Apple pie

tin can craft

49. Baking potatoes




So, which tin can craft is your fave? I love those crumpled tin can vases! And I had NO idea you could bake a perfect min cake in a tin can! Who would have thought! See more C.R.A.F.T. round ups here.







  1. I have a bit of a can hoarding problem because I use them to gift homemade chocolate covered caramel corn at Christmas, but so SO MANY of these ideas look great to me! I will pin for later use!

  2. Thanks so much for including me and my punched tin ornaments in your awesome round-up, Jamie! Off to share!

  3. Great list – I am for sure going to share this.

  4. So excited to try some of these out!!! looking for another project after this… http://www.pinkroller.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/patchwork-magic.html

  5. What a bunch of fabulous ideas! Love them all….thanks so much for including mine. :)


  6. You are right, I am going to start hoarding tin cans now! I am absolutely in love with the number, glowing can project!

  7. Great…except what’s the secret to painting tin cans?!
    I’ve tried acrylic paint, emulsion and even bathroom sealant paint. I’ve sanded the cans. I’ve used pva. The list goes on…
    So far, every can has peeled instantly.
    If i need to buy expensive sealants and / or primers it defies the point…I try to make nice looking things because I cannot afford to buy them.

  8. Thanks for the feature!!

  9. Apple Pie in a can: WHERE’S THE RECIPE? OMG? WHERE IS IT?


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