The knob issue resolved (finally!)

We built a suspended desk that hangs from our wall. Yep, we’re officially nuts. Here’s the original plan,  desk dilemmapart 1, part 2, and part 3 of the desk saga! And now moving on the knob issue! I found these on sale at Anthropolgie… I love a good deal!

Build a desk

The suspended desk was knob less for 3 long months…I was waiting for the knob fairy to appear? I originally had my heart set on white animal head knobs from Anthropolgie, but they were $20 bucks a piece…! Yep, $20 a peice. What the mother freaker. Who pays $20 for a knob. Not this girl. I could not bring myself to spend $40 on knobs. For $5, I’m lovin’ my key holes! Here are the old knobs, that ironically never actually worked. They both broke off during installation! I taped them on for pictures. True story. 

Build a desk

…and here are the new working knobs. Wha to the hoo! 

Build a desk Build a desk
Build a desk

How do you feel about 2 different knobs? I love when people do lots of different knobs on a dresser like this one… but only 2 different knobs? It’s growing on me.  I’m just so happy this desk is on my gosh darn wall. I use it, and love it every. single. day. What do you think? Are you a suspended desk fan?


  1. eee so cute! I really like them! I think it looks great with the two different knobs :) And great price!!

  2. Well, yes, they are two different knobs as in they aren't identical, but they are similar enough to be siblings, and therefore, they do match. LOL

    I love it and think you made an excellent, affordable, choice!

  3. I like the two different knobs. I love your floating desk!

  4. Super Cute… and if you every wanted to give the desk a new facelift i can imagine them looking lovely sprayed in white/ ivory to match the chair.

  5. maybe I should spray paint the knobs! That's a great idea!

  6. Those look Great…

  7. Looks fine…I love the desk…I want one!

  8. The key hole knobs are great! Just in case you want to try the animal knobs someday…Buy some toy animals and saw them in half, spray paint, drill a hole and now you have knobs!!

  9. Next time you should try some leather pulls! (from an old belt) So chic.


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