C.R.A.F.T. #91: TX State Map Love

I first saw this idea on pinterest via Design Sponge… she used cork board and spray adhesive. I decided to use foam board and modge podge… different materials, same idea!  I found the map for free at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in College Station and the foam board of course is from Elmer’s!I love maps and globes… remember the license plate map and the cork board pin up map? I also have a giant map in my bedroom and a mini gemstone globe in my living room. 

free wall art

free wall art
  • Elmer’s foam board
  • Free map website
  • Road map of your state
  • tape
  • Mod podge
  • Needle
  • Thread
This was before I found the free map website… super awesome website where you can print all maps in ALL SIZES! Pure greatness. I first found it via Pinterest! The map I attempted to use before the free map site created a big fat craft fail (first of 2 for this project)… take a look at my first pathetic TX attempt…
 free wall art

This is the  X-ACTO I used and this is my mom’s basket that I attempted to use as my outline for the first TX you see above…

free wall art

I got smart and printed out the free map using the 4×4 option. Taped it together, taped it on my foam board, and cut around the outline…

free wall art

I worked hard on my patience :) As you can see, I improvised a little with some of super intricate cuts on the outline…

free wall art

Here is my big ol free map:

free wall art
Here is where the 2nd craft fail comes to light…. I really wanted to stitch a line from College Station to Austin. CS is where the BF and I first met…the sewing machine did not work out and proceeded to tangle and jam while punching lots of holes in my map.
free wall art

I ended up using most of the holes the sewing  machine made, but stitched it by hand…

free wall art

The modge podge process was fairly simple… I did a lot of slitting and cutting to make the edges wrap around nicely…

free wall art
 You can really see the slitting and cutting:
 free wall art

Here is a fancy close up of the uncovered back :) I have big plans to attach a piece of felt…

free wall art
free wall art
free wall art

I kind of love it. FYI: here are some map embroidery tips from Martha. I’ve had this pinned for awhile, but just realized how useful it would have been for this project!

ps want to win all the materials to make your own map?  Enter the Elmer’s Craft Pack Giveaway!


  1. Jaimie, this is a great gift idea. The stitching to make it personal is just a fantastic idea.

  2. LOVE THIS PROJECT! 😀 So fun!


  3. too cute.. maybe if I print the smaller map I can get north texas in the right spot (since that's where I live) :)

  4. I'm not as elaborate…when I lived in PA I Hung up a map sized cutout of the state of Texas that one of my friends made me when I left…I think she cut it out from AAA maps. It was big and made me happy :)

  5. love this! great idea and pretty too :)

  6. i love all things maps, so i love this project! also, i'm a texan, so of course i'm gonna love this! it is so cute. great job!

    i would love for you to come link up this or any other amazing project at my creativity party going on right now!


    thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Kind of makes you wish we lived in Colorado, doesn't it? 😉

    I've never been brave enough to tackle a Texas project, but you made it sound easy. And it's really cute.

  8. I love this! Thanks for the great idea!

  9. Wren, YES! I thought that the entire time I made it! haha :) Foam board is super easy and cheap! Even if you mess up once, like I did, no big deal just try again!

  10. I printed the outline of Oklahoma, but I guess I was expecting it to be an actual map and it’s not. It’s the outline, which is great for cutting the foam core, like you show. I printed it on 1 page because I didn’t want to use more paper to go bigger. The trick now would be finding a map the right size.

    I like the project and the steps you took, but it could be so much better. I’m pretty particular about making sure things line up. I don’t see the point of making a state map like this if you have don’t the cities end up in their geographically correct spot. I’d have to be more picky, for myself.

  11. Did you seal this with anything (krylon finish spray? Another layer of decoupage?) after you were done? I’m doing a similar project and found this after I was mid way through. Just wondering….


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