Pizza box crafts {pizza box}

As a teacher for 4 years, I saw lots of fun ways to organize with pizza boxes, but there are also clever ways to craft with them! Here are 16 ways to craft and organize with an ordinary ol’ pizza box…


pizza box

1. Robot faces @ Creative Jewish Mom

2. Tic tac toe @ Excited to Learn 

Pizza box

3. Wall art @ Pizza guide

4. Nature collection @ I love to create 

5. Art Easel @ Whip Up

6. Shield @ Kid spot

7. Cupcake tower @ Mom’s mish mash

8. Monster @ Today is my somedayPizza box


9. Marble painting @ Playing house 

10. Coin toss game @ Excited to learn  

11. Pizza support tables @ Sew many ways 

12. Solar smores @ Family Fun

Pizza box

13. Idea organizer @ Giver’s log

Pizza box


14. Landforms @ Crafting a green world 

15. Portfolio @ Lakeshore learning

16. Drying rack @ A teachers idea

pizza box


Did you have any idea that there are so many ways to use a pizza box? How have you ever crafted or organized with a pizza box? I’d love to hear…



  1. What great ideas!! I’ll never look at a pizza box the same.

  2. I have just started bookmarking some of the awesome & awe-inspiring crafting blogs online, especially those focusing on upcycling, and I LOVE yours, especially as our local PhDumpster guys call me the BIGGEST recycler in town! I’m fanatical, maybe even obsessive, about collecting & chronicling my 3 sons “skool years” and their journey into “pink-wearing, quiche-eating He-man-hood” & I use pizza boxes to hold all of those odd-sized bits & pieces from school, life, etc that you don’t want to fold or they’re too small, too big or too fragile for the tradional, larger paper memory boxes; also when it’s gift giving time for teens I like to get a $5 GC to our local Little Cae*a*s and put it in one of their pizza boxes along with a Dollar Store pizza cutter & you have an almost instant, cost efficient gift any teen will salivate over!

  3. These are fantastic ideas. I never imagined using one for crafts…I guess I’ll have to next time. :)

  4. I never thought of using a pizza box for storage or anything like these! Love it! I have used a pizza box to make a barn star though! Thanks for sharing

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  5. haha! I’ve never thought of making any kind of craft out of a pizza box. I do use the cardboard for a firestarter for our bonfires, but that’s it! 😛

  6. This is great!! Pinned and stumbled!

  7. I use pizza boxes when I spray paint small thing, Works great.

  8. Handbell Honey says:

    I store my vintage handkerchief collection in them. I tried to buy one @ our local pizzeria and they gave me one for free, It works great – you can iron them and lay them flat so they’re ready to go!

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