Things to do with an old crib

Y’all know I love a good up-cycle… you know, turn something into something else! (garden planters, pallet projects, paint chip projects, DIY light fixtures) And cribs are perfect for this because what else are going to do with an old crib once your kiddos are big or heck, what if the crib gets re-called! You could always give it to a pregnant friend or family friend! Just please don’t throw that sucker in a land fill. Here are 19 clever ideas to turn an old crib into something really awesome!

things to do with an old crib

1. Kid’s table

old crib

2. Wall hanging

what to do with an old crib


3. Bench

recycle a crib


4. Trellis

recycle a crib

5. Chair

recycle a crib


6. Outdoor love seat

recycle a crib


7. Magazine rack

recycle a crib

8. Plate rack

old crib

9. Book rack

old crib

10. Craft organizer

old crib

11. Wagon

recycle a crib

12. Herb garden

13. Easel

14. Jewelry Organizer

recycle a crib

15. Chalkboards

16. Playhouse

recycle a crib

17. Picture hanger

recycle a crib

18. Fabric organizer

19. Plate rack

recycle a crib

What do you do with old cribs? Have you ever turned it into something new? I’d love to hear…


  1. My plan for the weekend is to hang the railing from my son’s crib to the ceiling in the laundry room and have it as a hanging rack that is not in the way.

  2. What fun ideas… Maybe I should take the dropside crib that has been in my father-in-laws attic for 30 years. :)

  3. Wow, talk about clever…I especially love the kids’ desk & outdoor loveseat.

  4. Hallo! nice ideas for upcycling a crib! For the moment I just have a new crib for my baby who is due to come “yestarday”… But it’s good to have already some tips for reuse it! TnX

  5. So many great ideas. We turned our son’s crib into a magazine rack for our bathroom:

  6. I turned my retired crib drawer into a toy storage bin on wheels. I covered it with fabric first and it now fits perfectly under a twin bed.

  7. These are great ideas. I have some crib left over after making 2 projects already. First a display for my son’s track ribbons-
    2nd a display for my daughter’s swim ribbons-

  8. I was desperate for a large piece of art, so I used the wire frame from my son’s old crib to make something for over our front door. I think it turned out pretty great, and when I replace it with something else, I’ll have the trippiest frame to train my beans, evah!

    I really like some of these ideas….

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