Metal table makeover and dipped tips

I had the Target sale rug, Van Gogh prints in yellow frames, and a half empty bottle of spray paint… I did what any crafter would do and sprayed the metal  end table… Here is the new rug with random pillow attempts, and the before side table:

room makeover

It was a psuedo risky move, but since the table is metal with glass top, the paint will not be touched often. I don’t think chipping will be a problem. The yellow paint was left over  from the big door organizer project. This is my current favorite spray paint:

Spray painting is not an easy feat when you live in a condo building. I’m lucky to have a decent sized balcony, but taping drop clothes and newspaper all over is a major craft hassle. The grass is so. much. easier. Take full advafnatge of your grassy backyard. I’m jelous just thinking about it.  Here she sits before the spray (and the prepared balcony).room makeover

And 3 coats of spray paint later, here we have a yellow side table that cost me nothing!

decorate an apartment

Moving on to the antlers…

The antlers were a gift from my brother. When I was home for the baby shower in May, Zach casually mentioned how he and my younger brother found these antlers at my parents ranch and he didn’t know what to do with them. He obviously doesn’t know that animal heads (and antlers) are all the rage right now in interior decorating! He graciously gave me the antlers, and they jetted with me from TX to FL with no problemo. I was worried those TSA people would steal my antlers out of my bag, but they safelyt arrived in Ft. Lauderdale fully intact in my luggage. I won the orange chalk paint at Haven, and literally just dipped the antlers in the paint. Easiest craft ever.

Here is a really excited me, with my chalk paint score!

chalk paint


And here are a really happy pair of antlers (and a sneak peek at the tree branch coasters):diy coasters

One more antler shot:

room makeover

I love my antlers. It’s a little peice of TX in out rented FL apartment. Thank you, Zach! Do you have a sentimental peice in your living room? Antlers by chance? What do you think of the dipped tips? Spray painting any metal in your neck of the woods? I’d love to hear…


  1. Jamie it’s the perfect addition! And I just got an idea for one of my end tables as well!

  2. WOW!!!! What a difference. It wasn’t bad black but wow. That yellow really makes a beautiful statement. Also, I would have never thought to dip my antlers. I like that too. Great job : )
    ~ Deanna

  3. I Love Your Style !!!!

  4. sa scrap says:

    I love the table transformation, I can’t say I’m a yellow fan, but it looks great in your room! I am getting ready to spray paint some light fixtures that I bought at the thrift store, they are fake brass right now. Tomorrow they will be brushed nickle! Can’t wait to see the contractors face when he see’s them!!!! ha


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