Laundry Room Organization

I’ve been on an organizing frenzy…see the junk drawer and under my kitchen sink :)

Does this look familiar?
Awhile back…I tried to organize, really…look at the green baskets!
I took the Thanksgiving wreath and Christmas wreath to Good Will :(
The BF built this shelf above the water heat awhile back.

whoaaaah. scary.
 As you know… getting organized, takes just a little more mess :)

I found this at Good Will:
and I LOVE these from Lowes:
THIS painting perfectly fit over the ugly switch box. The plastic bag holder is from Ikea.


under the shelf wire racks= LOVE also at Lowe’s

I can open my dryer door all the way….it makes such a big difference when doing laundry…who would have guessed :)


  1. Is that a battery organizer? I must find one of those immediately! I've never seen such a thing.

    Great job corralling your clutter! I can just never keep it straight once it gets organized. To many "helping hands".

  2. Same for me… WHERE did you get that Battery organizer? Your organization looks great!! Isn't it the most satisfying feeling?

  3. I was just going to comment on the battery organizer too! Must have!!

  4. Yes we definitely need to hear more about that battery organizer! I had to do a double take when looking at that last picture!!

  5. Looks great girl! I too will be tackling my laundry room soon…soon….hahaha

    xoxo Maria

  6. Haha! Another comment on the battery organizer – genius! Great job :) PS wreaths don't need to be kept, they just take up space ­čśŤ I MAKE one each year, for Christmas, out of ICE (bundt pan). Then come spring it puts itself away.

  7. love it, this is so me, i'm a fan of organizing. i'm having a party today, i would love it if you shared this.

  8. Girl, my laundry room looks worse! Great job on organizing it!

    I HAVE TO ASK! Battery organizer??? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Where did you get it? I AM SO DESPERATE!!!

    I <3 YOUR BLOG!


  9. one more request for battery organizer source!!

  10. just googled the battery thing. i do believe i'll be ordering one of these!

  11. I got the oh so wonderful battery organizer at either CSN stores or amazon… I looked at both so many times…I can't remember! Works great :) I have way too many double a's.

  12. This looks fabulous!
    This has inspired me to clean up my laundry area!! Thank you!


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