45 Pinata tutorials {How to make a pinata}

What’s not to love about a pinata? You get to take out aggression on a dangling object and then you are rewarded with a candy shower! It’s no wonder kids and adults love piantas! Pinatas are a fun and easy craft project that can be made a bazillion different ways (doilies, cupcake liners, Post It notes, cardboard, cereal boxes, foil). Here’s a giant list of 45 pinata tutorials that are sure to make your next shin dig a hit!

How to make a pinata


1. Cactus

How to make a pinata

2. Gender reveal pinata

3. Geometric pinatas

4. Number one

5. Star

How to make a pinata

6. Wedding cake

7. Monsters university

8. Watermelon slice

9. Teacup

10. Ghosts

11. Giant popsicle

12. Pot of gold

13. Pencil

How to make a pinata


14. Pinata cookies

15. Moon

16. Mini donkeys

17. Pinata dress costume

18. Heart (made with Post Its)

19. Pinata costume for dog

20. Lego (made with tin cans)

How to make a pinata

21. Minnie mouse

22. Castle

23. Monster

24. Pinata monster bag

25. Numbers

26. Pinata cake

27. Sphere (made with cupcake liners)

28. Super simple cone pinatas

29. Fluffy cloud pinata

30. Gold fish

How to make a pinata

31. Pinata party favors

32. Napkin rings

33. Flamingo

34. Hot air balloon

35. Rainbow

36. Sphere (made with doilies)

37. Fox

How to make a pinata

38. Beehive

39. Pineapple

40. Owl

41. Strawberry

42. Candy corn invites

43. Cube (made with Kleenex box)

44. Ginger bread man

45. Astroid (made with tin foil)

How do you feel about piantas? Have you ever made one? Have you ever hit one! I kind of love them!


  1. Such a great roundup! I love the cactus and the pencil. The fox is adorable too! Pinning!

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