How to make a card on the computer (using

I love snail mail cards… and packages! (Have you signed up for the October edition of PP?). I’m old school like that, and with cards are easier than ever to make. If all of your pictures are uploaded to the computer you need 15 minutes for this project. Serisouly, 15 minutes! I can not say enough good things about It’s free, no login, no drama. Love this site. (I’m not being paid or given stuff to say that, just pure love baby!)


How to make a card on the computer

Here’s what you need:

  • picture uploaded to computer
  • (it’s free, no login required)
  • card stock
  • color printer
  • scissors
  • Microsoft Word
Go to, choose create a collage. Upload as many pictures as you’d like. Then click #2 (see below), and this will pop up. For card making I’m been using biggie smalls. If you decide you need more pics, just go back to #1, and upload more. #3 allows you to manipulate the space between the pictures, round the corners, and make the space between the pictures different colors.
how to make a card on the computer
Now, save your collage to your dektop. Go back to, and click on edit a photo. Upload the collage you just made. Now it’s time for the fun part! Click on the button below the P for lots of call out shape options. I like the cosmic bubbles for card making and the first one, geometric is always good too. Try em’ all out.
how to make a card on the computer
Adding words is easy too. Click on the P and voila, add away.
how to make a card on the computer
A few tricks, the arrow above the word bubble is pointing to a dot, this dot allows you to turn stuff in a full 360 degrees.
how to make a card on the computer
The first arrow is pointing to the color code. So, if you want to have multiple text boxes on your card, and you want the words in them to all be exactly the same color copy and paste this code. The arrow pointing to fade is my other favorite picmonkey thing… how to make a card on the computer
Once you have your collage just the way you want it, save it to your desktop. Next, insert your collage into a word document. Click on layout and change your orientation to landscape.  Make your margins go as far at as you can. Also, make sure your picture does not go past 5 inches on the ruler.

how to make a card on the computer

Now, turn that sucker upside down. Like this:

how to make a card on the computer


Stick a piece of card stock in the printer, print, and fold paper in half. Cut around the edges to make it nice and neat, and there you have it!  It’s really that easy. how to make a card on the computer

How to make a card on the computer

You’re going to be a card making maniac before you now it ; ) Also, since the cards I make on the computer are random sizes, I usually make my own envelopes. All you need is a page from a pretty magazine, Anthropogie is always a good one! Do you love snail mail? Do you still send cards in the mail or are you an e-card/e-mail person? I’d love to hear…


P.S. here are more snail mail card you might have missed: Pop up card, birthday cards, and  google fathers day card, words with friends mom day card, and happy wedding card.


  1. I love sending snail mail! I’d love to try this tutorial out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are so cute. Thanks for the great tutorial. I know I love getting mail! I definitely need to start sending it out more :)

  3. I love PicMonkey. It has absolutely changed how I edit my photos! I didn’t know you could do collages on it too so thanks for the heads up!


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