Homemade animal costumes

Halloween is only 15 days away! Here are 43 homemade animal costumes  for kids and 9 DIY animal costumes for adults! The whole family could trick or treat as a zoo!  How awesome would that be?!

Tons of homemade animal costumes for kids and adults!

1: Bat

Homemade bat halloween costume

2: Cat

Homemade animal costumes

3: Chicken

DIY chicken costume

4. Crocodile

Homemade alligator halloween costume

5: Dinosaur

DIY dino costume

6: Elephant

Homemade animal costumes

7: Flamingo

Homemade halloween costumes

8: Fox

DIY fox costume

9. Fox

Homemade fox costume

10: Giraffe

Handmade halloween costumes

11: Hedgehog

Handmade halloween costumes

12: Jellyfish

Homemade animal costumes

13: Koala bear

Koala bear baby costume {+ cute baby costumes}

14: Lion

15: Lobster

16: Moose

Homemade animal costumes

17: Mouse (+mousetrap)

18: My little pony

19: Octopus (funky)

Homemade animal costumes

20: Octopus

21. Octopus

22: Owl

23: Panda

DIY Panda bear baby Halloween costume

24: Peacock

25: Penguin

Homemade halloween costumes

26: Shark

27. Shark

28: Spider

Homemade animal costumes

29. Skunk

30: Squirrel

31: Unicorn

Homemade animal costume

32. Wolf

33. Zebra

Adult animal costumes:

1: Dinosaur

2: Fox

Homemade animal costumes

3: Goldfish

Homemade animal costumes

4: Lobster

Homemade halloween costumes

5: Owl

6: Panda

7: Peacock

8: Shark

9: Wolf



Have you ever been an animal for Halloween? I don’t think I actually have. Crazy, huh?  I love the idea of having a family Zoo for Halloween. You can totally use some elements of the kid ideas for adult animal costumes(and vice versa). Here are 29 more adult homemade costumes29 more DIY kid costumes, and 19 group costume ideas for the whole fam! Happy almost Halloween!



  1. adorable Jamie! great roundup!!! lovin the little moose!

  2. Cute roundup! I think my favorite is the giraffe :)

  3. I need to show that My Little Pony one to my daughter. That is incredible! Hell they’re all pretty amazing!

  4. so many fun ideas!!!

  5. Omg!,, love your creativity! I’d love to swap some ideas with you! My son wants to be a great white for Halloween this year, at least he is giving me more notice than when he decided he needed to be a dolphin the day before a superhero b-day party he was invited to! Seriously, email me back pls!


  6. Last year was my sister wedding and she rented a dress, and gues after the wedding who was waring bride dress for halloween ?? me!! hahhaah was really fun, but i fall in love with the dress ♥♥♥

  7. Homemade costumes are the best!
    A rented or store bought costume is just a sign of a lac of imagination and creativity.
    How lucky these children are to have such talented mothers

  8. I’m looking for a good costume, and I’m thinking Twitter. Every time I get candy, I yell HASHTAG JUST GOT CANDY!

  9. Some very creative costumes, this blog was a good read, some very cute pictures ! keep it up


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