Halloween party food

Now that it is officially September, let’s start talking Halloween!  If you are planning on throwing a Halloween party this year or even need some healthy options for a fall festival at your kiddos school… I’ve rounded up 34 fun and a few creepy looking treats perfect for spookiest day of the year! Oh and if you’re in the market for handmade costumes for adults or kids, I’ve for you covered! Here are 29 DIY Halloween costume for kids, 29 handmade costumes for adults, 19 group costume ideas, and 36 animal themed costumes for kids and adults!

You are going to love these 34 Halloween party food ideas…

Halloween party food ideas + lots of healthy options

Warning: The following round up contains vivid images of creepy/gross/disgusting food. Look at your own risk.
Toe treat for a Halloween party
Healthy Halloween party food
Healthy Halloween party food

34: Carrot and plum pumpkin tray

Healthy Halloween party food

Do you love Halloween? Which one of these do you have to try? The tacos and the toe treats might be my favorites!


  1. EWWW GROSS GROSS!!! But FUN indeed :).

  2. Ditto above. Some of them are SO gross – so kudo's to them for hitting the mark!

  3. yeah those toes and finers… yuck. i would never eat those. but very creative indeed.

  4. thanks for the mention, I am loving all the gross food, I need something new to add to my collection of revolting recipes!

    • rachel ray had a cookie that looks like a severed finger with an almond slice for the fingernail and strawberry jam to look like blood at the other end! it still makes me laugh out loud and cringe at the same time!

  5. Oh my gosh, some of them look so realistic I might have a hard time eating them without gagging! What a great round up.


  6. These are going to perfect to use at my halloween wedding!!!! Boooo hahahaaha~!

  7. This gave me a good laugh and some ideas for disgusting house guests stopping by a little too close to Halloween 😉

    My Fiancee's birthday is on Halloween.
    Shall I make him a cake? Hehehehe… (wicked laugh).


  8. What a fantastic collection! The intestines and brain are particularly intriguing!

    My spider cupcakes are a little less threatening, more cute than scary— probably for a toddler crowd.

  9. These are great. Thanks for the ideas!!

  10. oh my goodness those brains and intestines..eww.. giggle, these are spooky fun. Hugs and sincere wishes for a beautiful weekend xo

  11. SOOOOOOOOO cute! I just linked your site to one of my posts from something I made of yours. I'm following you, would you follow me back? http://www.createdbycori.blogspot.com

    You can find your link here http://createdbycori.blogspot.com/2011/10/halloween-party.html

  12. Omg great ideas! I love the boo pizza.

  13. Yup… some of these totally turned my stomach, but I love the creativity. However, I really couldn't eat them! 😉

  14. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:

    rat meatballs-nasty.

  15. Haha these are great!

  16. These are great ideas Jamie!! LOVE the disclaimer at the beginning! 😉 I am happy my kiddos are getting older and we get to be a little creepier!! FUN!

  17. I loved making those medical glove treat bags when I was little. My mom worked in a doctor’s office so we always loved those. 😉 These are all so fun. Thanks for sharing a great round up.


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