Group Costume Ideas {couple costume ideas}

Dressing up as a group is super fun for Halloween! Here are 19 clever group costume ideas…


1: Christmas Trees

group costume ideas

2: Pinata + pinata stricker

group costume ideas3: Cast of Super Mario Brothers

group costume ideas4: Ghost busters and ghost

group costume ideas

5: Farm (farmer, cow, rooster)

group costume ideas

6: Fred and Wilma

group costume ideas

7: Smores

group costume ideas

8: Star Wars

group costume ideas

9: BLT

group costume ideas

10: Jersey Shore cast (Snookie and her little boy, Lorenzo could be fun too)

group costume ideas

11: Paint Chips

group costume ideas

12: Wayne’s World

group costume ideas

13. Rock Paper Scissors

group costume ideas

 14. Tooth and Tooth Fairy

group costume ideas

15: Lego People

group costume ideas

16: Loofas

group costume ideas

17: Aces

group costume ideas

17: Words with friends

group costume ideas

18: Snowomen 

group costume ideas

19: Pac Man

group costume ideas

The words with friends, snow ladies, and christmas trees are my real life, super clever friends who live in Chicago. What’s your favorite group/ couple costume idea?


  1. Great ideas! We have done group costumes the past three years: 1) Peter Pan Characters (Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Hook) 2) The Queens of Cards (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs), 3) 3 Blind Mice!

    Group costumes are always fun! :)

  2. Super cute ideas! I love the paint chip one!

  3. and are you wilma? too cute!!! pinning. great ideas!

  4. I love BLT family!
    Bacon, lettuce and tomato will be sandwiched by the love of their parents!! So cute!

  5. I loved the Indian dress you had on your last website. Is there a way for the person who created it to give DIY instructions or point me in that direction? Thanks!

  6. Oh my gosh, great ideas – thanks!!

  7. Great ideas!! I love the BLT and Pacman families!


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