Group Costume Ideas

Dressing up as a group is super fun for Halloween! Here are 19 clever group costume ideas…



1: Christmas Trees

group costume ideas

2: Pinata + pinata stricker

group costume ideas3: Cast of Super Mario Brothers

group costume ideas4: Ghost busters and ghost

group costume ideas

5: Farm (farmer, cow, rooster)

group costume ideas

6: Fred and Wilma

group costume ideas

7: Smores

group costume ideas

8: Star Wars

group costume ideas

9: BLT

group costume ideas

10: Jersey Shore cast (Snookie and her little boy, Lorenzo could be fun too)

group costume ideas

11: Paint Chips

group costume ideas

12: Wayne’s World

group costume ideas

13. Rock Paper Scissors

group costume ideas

 14. Tooth and Tooth Fairy

group costume ideas

15: Lego People

group costume ideas

16: Loofas

group costume ideas

17: Aces

group costume ideas

17: Words with friends

group costume ideas

18: Snowomen 

group costume ideas

19: Pac Man

group costume ideas

DIY Group costume ideas
The words with friends, snow ladies, christmas trees, and super fruits are my real life, super clever friends! Luck yme! What’s your favorite group/ couple costume idea?


  1. Great ideas! We have done group costumes the past three years: 1) Peter Pan Characters (Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Hook) 2) The Queens of Cards (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs), 3) 3 Blind Mice!

    Group costumes are always fun! :)

  2. Super cute ideas! I love the paint chip one!

  3. and are you wilma? too cute!!! pinning. great ideas!

  4. I love BLT family!
    Bacon, lettuce and tomato will be sandwiched by the love of their parents!! So cute!

  5. I loved the Indian dress you had on your last website. Is there a way for the person who created it to give DIY instructions or point me in that direction? Thanks!

  6. Oh my gosh, great ideas – thanks!!

  7. Great ideas!! I love the BLT and Pacman families!


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