Graham the glider made it to the nursery

Happy 2014! I figured let’s get this new year off on the right foot with a gool ol’ DIY nursery update! This bambino is going to be here in t-minus 10 weeks… ahh! If you’re new here, here are all of the deets on Baby Dorobek and the DIY nursery: Spilling the beans10 nursery must havesPainting the iglooBambino gets a crib, the great rug hunt, and the mirror hanging trick. Mama came to town back in December and we did a few things including found a glider! That’s a lot harder than it sounds! Meet my new favorite piece of furniture, Graham the glider:

Graham glider C.R.A.F.T.


I’ve been scouring the web, thrift stores, and outlet malls for the perfect, reasonably priced, comfortable nursery chair. After all, a glider/rocker was on my 10 nursery must have lists! Mom was in town, and I wanted to show her how pretty Graham was, so  I took her into West Elm,  just to look. AND here’s what we found… yep! That’s a giant red sale tag on Graham! Whahooo!

Graham glider C.R.A.F.T.


The most comfortable, beautiful chair in the world was on sale! I think I hyperventilated in the store. My mom had to catch me. It was exciting folks. It’s $799 + shipping + tax if you buy it online. And this bad boy had not been on sale in at least 4 months. I’ve been checking, like a maniac.  And I could bring Graham the glider home today for $559 + tax today! Ahh! I was pretty dang excited, put him on hold and drove home to get Andy and his truck. The salesman said it was most likely an online return and they needed to get it off the floor quick because they don’t have room for it. Graham was clean and in perfect condition and coming home to my nursery. Holla!

Here he sits in nursery… Ooh and see that black afghan on the glider? That was made by my great grandmother and it just happens to go with the nursery perfect! I heart it.

Graham glider C.R.A.F.T.


Has that ever happened to you? So, that was mom and I’s first big break in operation spruce up the nursery weekend. Then, we decided the windows needed valances. Valances are expensive. We made them out of wait for it… Gorilla tape and insulation. True! I’m working on a full tutorial for those bad boys. But, here’s a fun little before and after:

DIY valence our of insulation


That was also before Graham came home, and my cute little orange chair was being a place holder. You might also notice in the above picture that there is no door on the closet. Yep. We have big plans to sand and paint those ugly brown/ orange shiny doors white or black or something. But they are still sitting in our garage un painted. Fingers crossed that gets soon. You can also see a snippet of another DIY project my mom and I tackled… cushions on the bench! I say mom and I, but my mom actually did the sewing. And how cute are my mom’s glove animals! You can see 2 of them in the pic below. Check ’em out:

DIY nursery ideas

My mom made envelope cushions for the IKEA shelf turned bench. Remember when the bench wall looked like this:

Black and white nursery ideas


So, I’ve got lots of nursery related tutorials that need to get written up! I just wanted to share the updates with y’all and let you know that the tutorials are on the way! Although, I can’t promise that the tutorials will be up until after heart day! You know how much I love my cheesy Valentine sayings! Hopefully, you like ’em too because I’ve got lots of clever free printable Valentines planned!


  1. Great job on the nursery! Our guest room is almost emptied out!!! And then the real fun can begin!

  2. This nursery is stunning! I really love the triangles on the wall.

  3. OMG another gal that names her furniture! I think I hit the lottery! lol
    Love the nursery! Cant wait to see future posts!!


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