Unique Flower Pots

Spring is on the way! Hallelujah! What do tires, bathtubs, shoes, strainers and grills all have in common? They can all be used as garden planters! Here are 17 ways to up-cycle common objects and turn them into living art!
garden pots

1. Pallet

garden pot




2. Plastic Dinosaur

garden planter

3. Ladder

garden planters

4. Bathtub 

garden pot


5. Toy car: I saw this at The Great Outdoors in Austin!

unique garden pot




6. Tool Box

garden pots


7. Tire wall planter  (Check out 20 more used for recycled tires!)

unique garden pots


8. Tire urns

Garden pots


9. 5 Gallon bucket with burlap

garden pot

10. Bicycle

garden container

11. Mailbox

garden pot


12. Basketball Shoes

unique garden planter

13. Boot

unique garden planter

14. Strainer

garden pot



15. Grill

garden pot

16. Birdbath

Garden pots


17. Kettles

garden pot

18. Wine barrels

garden pot

I’m biased, but I love that dino planter! Which one if your fave?


  1. Lovely ideas, thank you

  2. Oh I love the 5 gallon bucket wrapped in burlap! I have been looking for large containers for my deck and they are $20 to $30 each, at the cheapest – this project would save me a ton!

  3. Great ideas! You know I love a good upcycle, and this is the perfect spring post. Time for some outdoor projects!

  4. The pallet and ladder are awesome! I’m a renter so space is at a premium, and being able to get things off the ground is a must. Not to mention I always knew there were better uses for pallets.

  5. Some of these are crackin’ me up…I love the dinosaur!!

  6. Great ideas! My favorites are the bathtub, toolbox, bicycle and mailbox. I’ve seen the shoe used before and I think it’s adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great potting inspiration!
    I Pinned it to my Garden Love Pinterest board.

  8. You are inspiring my new patio garden!

  9. These are all such great ideas and make me long for spring! I would love for you to see my free garden containers from last spring: http://www.alwayssomethinghome.com/2012/06/where-does-your-garden-grow.html. Blessings!

  10. I love the grill and tires. I took my husbands old work boots and planted flowers in them.

  11. Impossible to choose. But if I’m going to be shot, I’d say the plain ole black tyres against the wall.
    Thanks so much for sharing.l


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