Make your own_____ (food stations)

I put together a little round up post in January 2012 about party bars/ food stations/ make your own _______ . It was titled 16 party bars. Lots of folks have left comments and links to their ideas for party food stations, so today I’m sharing a brand new list of 24 ideas to personalize party food.

24 Food station ideas


1: Carmel apples

2: Grilled cheese sandwiches

Food stations

3: Fondue cupcakes

4: Trail mix 

5: Pancakes

6: Mimosas

7: Taco salad

8: Banana pops

food station

9: Yogurt

10: Fruit kabobs

Party bar ideas

11: Sandwiches

12: Ice Cream Sundaes

13: S’mores

14: Nachos

food station ideas

15: Hot dogs

16: Waffles

17: Chili

food station idea

18: Burgers

food station

19: Salad

20: Dessert pizza

21: Juice 

22: Ice cream sandwiches

food station

23: Tacos

24: Potato skins


What is your favorite party station food idea? Have your ever used any of these or done something completely different? Pizza is our go to for get together with friends at home. Oh and if you liked this post, here are 16 more fun food station ideas!

food station ideas



  1. Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true…

  2. We are having a Sunday brunch wedding and are considering a crepe station. There would be a cook making crepes with whatever ingredients you want. We’re thinking sweet (strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, blueberries, brown sugar, mascarpone, honey, nutella) and savoury (cheddar, swiss, ham, sauteed onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, chicken breast, etc.). I love omelet stations when we go for brunch but I want something a little different so we’ve been trying to think of as many live food stations as possible. We have also tried a stir-fry station and that was great too!

  3. I heard of a trifle making station – different cakes, different puddings, different jams and different fruit.

  4. We get together with neighbors for “simple” meals. One of our favorite “station” ideas was for omelets. One person “took orders” which were cooked up by the chef for the night. We also have had pancakes, cooked your way of course. One of our favorite winter time get togethers is for each couple….or bring a soup with any toppings which might be appropriate. Yum! Thanks for all of your ideas. I know that when our children were young we also had a banana split bar for a couple of birthday parties.

  5. We are having a ‘Tostada bar’ for my sisters baby shower. Throwing meats in different crock pots to cook at early hours of the morning and having all the toppings: beans, lettuce, tomatoe, cheese, cream fresca, salsa, avocado and radishes!!! Easy and delicious lunch. She has been craving Mexican food so this fits right in 😉

  6. shasha d says:

    During the winter I set up a hot beverage bar at work. I have coffee with several different creamers, syrups, hot cocoa, tea & cider. I make sure we have marshmallows and whipped cream. Always a treat!

  7. Catherine says:

    That chili bar looks to die for!


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