DIY Ikat Canvas Update (psuedo craft fail)

I like canvas for a 5 reasons:

1. Can be re-painted and re-painted… you can basically delete a painting and start over
2. They’re relatively inexpensive
3. Promotes creativity
4. Lightweight… easy to hang up and carry around
5. They come in all sizes… big ones are a great way to add color to a rental!

Fun fact: This canvas was the subject of my first ever post on C.R.A.F.T. (see it here). The big canvas hung above our kitchen table in the Austin house for 3 years just like this:

Jamie Dorobek Austin Living Room

Then we  moved to Florida, and it an ikat makeover and hung in the office nook for  3 months, like this:

Jamie Dorobek Office Nook

Then, I started being a manic and making these crazy to do lists for out house (see the bedroom to do list). Our bedroom needed some art over our bed, and so this happened:


DIY canvas wall art
Long story short, we helped Andy’s boss move a bunch of stuff out of storage unit, and in return he gave us a few pieces. One of those happened to be a much needed TV stand. (Crossing #3 of of the living room to do list). But, since the TV stand is way shorter than the dresser the canvas was off center, to high… it was all wrong. See:

Living Room progress CRAFTSupplies for this project:

  • canvas
  • paper
  • scissors
  • paint pen
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • glue dots

I’m thinking about hanging up 4 canvases that size… I don’t know. No set in stone plans yet. Anyhow, the large canvas was obviously awkward with the tv stand edition. I decided the giant canvas should be moved down the bedroom. I just rested it on the bed to see about size. I liked it. Now, what to paint? I wanted a piece of art that represented us since it was hanging above our bed. I thought about a few quotes….”together is a wonderful place to be”, but that was  too long for this canvas.  I decided on 2-22-2012… our wedding date. I just used white printer paper to make stencils.  I free handed some random 2’s and cut them out. I used Elmer’s glue dots to attach the paper to the canvas, and then loosely traced around the stencils with a white Elmer’s Painter. I taped off a border wit hblue painters tape and made a few diagonal lines in the corner. And then I just started filling her in with white acrylic paint.

DIY canvas wall art
DIY canvas wall art
Wedding date painted canvas
Wedding date canvasWedding date canvas
And her she is hung up above the bed. It’s not 100% perfect. My stencils were by no means exact. This 2 makes me a little crazy.  I wish I would have put more thought into the typography. But, it’s canvas and can be re painted at a moment’s notice. For now, we like it and it makes me smile everyday. Perfection

diy canvas wedding date art

Wedding date canvas


  1. you have a wonderful blog with some really great ideas! thanks!

  2. Now your husband has no excuse to forget your anniversary!! lol


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