Christmas C.R.A.F.T. #8: Card Tree

Are your Christmas cards overwhelming your fridge? 
or will they soon… I have an idea.
Display all of your cute Christmas photo cards on a lovely little tree!
organize cards
  • Wooden dowels
  • binder clips
  • paint
  • scissors
  • Duck tape <– link to the one I used (here and here are some more fun options for Christmas)
  • ribbon
Can you believe the black and white print is Duck Tape?
organize cards
#1: Cut wooden dowels: 18in, 15in, 12in, 9in, 5in. I just used scissors…I wouldn’t say it worked great, but it got the job done. I used recycled dowels from other projects…
organize cards
#2: Paint the dowels any color you want.
organize cards
#3: Space dowels out. I used the 5in. dowel to measure.
organize cards
#4: Use Duck Tape down the center of the dowels.
organize cards
#5: I was doing it on the craft room couch, but soon realized it is much easier on a table! Turn the dowels over and carefully Duck Tape the other side.
organize cards
#6: Place ribbon down the center of the Duck Tape, and sew to the duct tape. (If my sewing machine was working I would have used it!) FYI: When I make my next one, I will use glue!
organize cards
#7: Use black ribbon to make a hanger. I first made the loop, it looked lonely… so, I made it a lovely little bow to go with the loop and hand sewed both of them to the ribbon.
organize cards
organize cards

Here was the package all folded up and ready to be sent to my wonderful handmade gift exchange partner, Tiffany!

organize cards
I also made one for myself… I actually sewed the rods into the ribbon…I don’t suggest it… Duck tape is cuter and MUCH easier!
organize cardsorganize cards
My card tree is all ready for the holiday season. Bring it on, cards!



  1. Did you get the duct tape at Target? I saw it last week and squealed and wanted to get it but I thought it would be one more thing I'd have laying around with no ideas for….maybe I'll go get it on my lunch break.
    This is super cute!

  2. I love this! What a great way to store all your christmas cards for the year! I thought you might like this. We made it last year, but it still makes the house smell nice this year. LOVE IT!

  3. What a cute idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. jamie this is great! Love that it can be so many different styles!!! Perfect!

  5. That is such a great idea!

  6. Genius and I am in love with that black and white Duck Tape!

  7. So great, Jamie! I like displaying my cards differently every year so this will get tucked away for next year!

  8. Great idea and very cute!

  9. Very cute idea!

  10. Duck tape makes everything better – here’s to getting lots of cards this year!

  11. Well this is one of the most adorable crafts I have seen this Christmas! Love and what a clever idea! Heather


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