C.R.A.F.T. #77: DIY Squirrel Feeder- Part 2 {squirel}

Remember Earl? From THIS post about how to build a squirrel feeder?
Earl’s house looked like this before I brought it to my mom’s for a re-model …
My Mom decoded to crackle and we already had the crackle medium… free is always good! My mom had this bottle left over from THIS project.
We followed the directions exactly as  they are on the bottle. Paint the piece the color you want the cracks to be…in my case green…wait for the paint to fully dry.

Then apply one coat of crackle glaze. The next step depends on your desired crack size… If you want small cracks (if you are doing a small piece) thin your top coat of paint by 10%…just add a little water. If you want big cracks (most likely for bigger projects) then thin the paint less or not at all. Then watch the excitement begin…!


Next, I made shingles. Yep…me! I was just going to buy doll house shingles at Hobby Lobby, but there was no 40% off coupon that week. So long story short, I was playing canasta with Barb and George, and discovered George knows how to make shingles! I didn’t have a camera with me :( . But, the process is simple. You need a dull knife, hammer, and a small block of wood. Place the dull knife on wood black, and then give the hammer a few taps. I made 40 shingles in under 10 minutes…this is an easy process :)


We used liquid nails to glue the shingles on the roof.


Then my mom used left over stain and stained the shingles.


As for the sign, my mom used a left over shingle and chiseled out the rugged edges. Annie brought over some green tulip paint, and wrote “Earl”! Now, Earl the squirel has a sophisticated house!

What do you think? Better After?


  1. "What do you think? Better After?"

    OK, Jaimie, that is not a fair question!

  2. this is sooo precious haha. Yay squirrels :)

  3. i think both are egually cute but i love the details of the after. and great job with the shingles! they look great as does the entire house. we made our squirrel house/feeder out of the big Popsicle sticks. mainly out of the abundance of them that we had. it works!

  4. Earl is adorable! I love the old letters, but also love the new shingles… this question is stressing me out :)

  5. I love the after, I think the shingles were the finishing touch.

  6. I became a follower of your blog! :) Love it! Erin


  7. Hi! I'm over from the TDC before and after party. Cute!!! I love this! Great job!

  8. I've put together a round up of great outdoor bird and squirrel crafts on Craft Gossip today and included your post. :) You can see it here

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