59 handprint art ideas for kids

Check out this crazy awesome list of 59 handprint art ideas!

Tons of handprint art ideas for kids
8. cat

10. lion

handprint animal
12. hippo
13. swan
14. duck
15. robin
17. owl
22. parrot
Water Creatures:
24. crab
29. spider
33. spider
36. turkey
38. angel
39. ghost
45. maple leaf (Canada Day)
48. wreath
Other fun things:
52. flower
54. leaves
56. tutu
57. alien

Have you seen any other hand and foot print art ideas for kids? I’d love to add them to my list… just leave me links in the comments.

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  1. What cute projects! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. all of them are very adorable…

  3. I have a guest bathroom and the decor is ocean and I have wanted to incorporate my grandkids into it somehow and this is the best idea. Thank you so much.

  4. Linda Cameron says:

    We made “vans” this year for father’s Day cards- First they glued a grey “road” with yellow dashes for the lines. print the hand on its side with the thumb on top, fingers all together.Used a cork to stamp the wheels, the children drew their dad driving on a little piece of paper “window” that they glued on. Sun and clouds (cotton balls) were added to the background. Worked great!

  5. Luann Gallegos says:

    On my pinterest site there is a board for hand & footprint pictures with some really cute pictures. Check it out. These are so much fun!

  6. Hi–Thanks for posting these adorable prints!! The only one I can suggest was done at my child’s school. They took long pieces of paper and measured out the height of the child and painted a green line that length. Then they did yellow handprints in a circle to form a flower–like a sunflower. Then they did green footprints for the leaves along the long stem. There was a caption something like “See how I’ve grown in 3rd grade this year” I don’t have a photo or link, but I’m sure you can figure this one out.

  7. i love all of these! we do the orginial works and this will come in handy for some of the teachers!!! thank you! my son loves to paint with his hand print! also you can make a wreath w/berries for the a Christmas gift for the parents!

  8. I made airplanes with the kids feet! They turned out cute. The heel was the propeller and then just added the wings

  9. Hiya Jamie,

    Some really inspiring ideas here, thank you. When I first looked at your site last week I found a great page with a hand print calendar on it. It’s a daft question but I can’t remember where that page is now… where is it please.

    Thank you


  10. Molly Balfour says:

    I have a cute crawfish on my pinterest page- the kid’s foot is the body, and their hands are the claws. Thanks for the great ideas. We made the “owl” picture tonight!

  11. You have SAVED my life! I work at a special needs school and have a class with little ones who are very limited in their abilities, but, they all have hands and feet! So guess what we’ll be making as a class contribution to the Christmas market day? Thanks so much xxx with love from South Africa.

  12. These are all great ideas! What is the best paint to use for a wiggly kid???

  13. catherine says:

    I love these Am gonna buy a inkpad n start with my 6 month old n 11 yr old Girl

  14. Louisa: Best paint is for u to find a big stamp at a craft store n use that instead of paint less messy too, not very expensive either. If you work at a school they might have a book u could order it out of too

  15. sandy huft says:

    These hand prints are darling and, I’m sure, are great fun for kids to do. When I taught kindergarten many years ago, I did a yearly calendar using my student’s hand prints to illustrate each month. Gathered up several kindergarten parents to do the messy work with the children while I worked with children on reading and writing. Hey, my mom helpers had as much fun as the children and were, from then on, eager to volunteer for other projects.

  16. I have my boys’ bathroom decorated in dinosaurs and would LOVE to do the dinosaur art but can’t seem to find the picture on here?

  17. we made easter chicks one here, they turned out so cute – http://momvstheboys.com/2010/03/thats-one-cute-chick/

  18. I just made some cute cushions with my girls – check out at http://rachaelrabbit.blogspot.com/2013/03/mothers-day-pillows.html

  19. I just made a crawfish handprint that I found online for my daughter! I just googled handprint and crawfish, so cute!

  20. Oh my gosh, this would keep the kids busy for hours! Pinned & stumbled!

  21. What a super roundup! Always love these pieces of art!

  22. Here is one that I made with my little girl for St. Paddy’s day! Printable also available.

  23. Thank you so much for linking my eagle handprint to this post!

  24. A cute christmas one (sorry I don’t have a pic) but you use one footprint and both hands to make a reindeer. :-)

  25. I have done candy corn at Halloween time using handprints. I have also done the face of a pilgrim and indian and the mayflower at Thanksgiving time.

  26. Penny Brown says:

    I clicked on the robin for directions but I keep getting the hedgehod directions. Help!

  27. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas out there by such creative Moms and Teachers


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