Unique Guest Book Ideas {sign in book}

Sign in books are a great way to personalize any event, remember who you shared the event with, and they make a fun conversation piece for later!
31 clever guest book ideas!
Creative baby shower guest book idea
Baby shower guest book idea
3:  Jenga
sign in book

Photo by Jennifer Roper via Oh Lovely Day

sign in book

5: Thumbprints & Car

sign in book
sign in book
guest book
guest book
guest book
guest book
guest book
14: Photo Strips and scrapbook
guest book
guest book
16: Plates
guest book
17: Oars
guest book
guest book
guest book
20: Personalized note cards (Here’s a free printable for a baby shower)
(Punch a whole and use a binder ring to give the guest of honor a mini guest book!)
 guest book
guest book
guest book
Leaf a thumbprint guest book
guest book
guest book
guest book
guest book
28. Guitar
Guest book
Unique guest books
30: Globe
guest book ideas
Which sign in “book” is your favorite? What did you use at your wedding or baby shower? Do you have any other fun guest book ideas? I love the birthday calendar, Jenga, a bench, and the globe!
  28 unique guest book ideas for any party!
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  1. The guestbook at our wedding was similar to #12. I had a bunch of scrapbook pages with our engagement pictures on them and people signed and wrote notes on the scrapbook pages. Then the pages went straight into our wedding scrapbook so we can enjoy them!

  2. cute ideas! we did the matted photo. :)

  3. I like the small envelopes and Mad Libs! I also like the tree trunk because you could shadow box it. I like the idea of being able to put it on the way instead of it getting lost in a box/on a shelf somewhere

  4. I like the plate and balloon guest books!

    We did a tree/leaf guestbook, but instead of thumb prints we had self-adhesive leaves that people signed and stuck on the tree. After we matte and frame it, we're going to include it in our dining room gallery wall.

  5. These are fun ideas. We had the matted picture frame and I love that we choose that one. It has been hanging up in our hallway ever since and I think every house guest we have had has stopped to look at it.

  6. I love the balloons! Some great ideas here. Thank you for sharing.Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

  7. Our wedding was very small–we rented a beach house and had family and friends stay for the weekend in the NINE bedrooms, then we had the house for our honeymoon. Because it was so small, each guest was able to take an entire page to write a personal note, give advice, etc. It's a treasure to this very day!

  8. love the guest 'log' print. a lot.

  9. It just dawned on me that it is a guest "log"! ha! thank you :) i'm going to change that now on the post!

  10. What great ideas! Too bad my wedding is over, but I'm filing these away for future use!

  11. We are using the guest "Book" Bench!

  12. Great ideas! For my bridal shower, wedding, and baby shower, we used matted photos. Now that I'm seeing all these great ideas, I can't wait for the next event. For my baby shower, the matted picture was a great ultrasound shot, and everyone wrote in either pink or blue because we didn't know the baby's sex.

  13. These are just awesome ideas for me and my soon-to-be hubby. I'm so excited :)

  14. These are great ideas for my son's graduation in June… like the things he could take to his college room – #2,4,11, and 19 seem just perfect!

  15. Jamie, these are fantastic. I am getting married in December and am JUST starting planning. (I know, I know). I'm from upstate NY and the guest 'log' would be great, though I love the plate design (as long as it isn't a 'country stuffy' look) you put up.

    Do you have a more close-up photo of the 'twigs in a vase' with some instructions? I haven't googled it but the photo of that one, as well, is incredible.

  16. Thanks for including the jenga guestbook from my blog! It would be great if you could include the credit: Jennifer Roper via Oh Lovely Day. Thanks :)

  17. Where did you find the Large letter S? I love the idea but can't seem to find one!

  18. Aleah, The only pictures that are mine are 12 (my BFF's wedding!) and 18 (a baby shower I did). The others you will have to click on the link to take you back to the original source. Although, I would check Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, Amazon, and Ebay for metal letters :) Wood would work too!

  19. Allison says:

    We are using Guestbook Store. http://www.facebook.com/guestbookstore

  20. Oh my gosh these are all such great ideas! I would have to say that the postcards are a favorite (because I collect them), but the little envelopes and birthday calendar are great too!

  21. my husband and i are both musicians so we used a black guitar and had everyone sign it with white paint pens – looks fantastic, and we play it still.

  22. Jennifer Elliott says:

    Do you know where you can purchase those large letters to sign? I love it!!

  23. I love the unique ideas here. Guest books to me make very little sense, people sign them then they get put away as a keepsake rarely ever brought out again. But to turn it into something that can be left out as art gives it a purpose to be on display.

  24. Love these ideas – my sis is getting married in May – forwarding this to her.

  25. I LOVE this list! How cute! We did the matted frame… 😉

  26. This is so fun! Makes me wish I could do my pre-pinterest wedding all over again!

  27. We are getting married in July and using the book idea. Our invitations were inspired by The Giving Tree, so we’re having everyone write in a copy of it. Happens to work well because the illustrations and content are so simple, there’s a ton of room for people to write notes or draw pictures or what have you!

  28. I love the globe! But all the ideas are fantastic!

  29. We just had a regular guest book at our wedding (it was in 1995 before anyone was doing anything cool) but I love these ideas. I still have guest book in my house now for overnight guests and might switch it over to one of these fun ideas!

  30. What a great collection! Those are some super clever ideas!

  31. We had our wedding in October, because I love the Fall. I wanted ALL decorations to be able to be reused every year. I figured spending the money, need to be able to reuse. Anyway, our guest Book was a Decorative Pumpkin, I got at Hobby Lobby (and for 50% so paid $15 for a $30 pumpkin) plus I put on our last name initial and asked people to sign! It was perfect fitting for my Fall themed wedding! We’ll be putting it out every year for the fall season!

  32. Love the globe! Perfect for the traveling couple :-). I also included it in my roundup of unique guest book ideas: http://peachofmind.com/10-alternative-guest-book-ideas/

  33. Great Ideas. We did a map of the US for our son’s graduation. People put names on post it tabs and placed where they were from. We had different colors for places he himself has been, etc.

  34. thanks for sharing ..it looks simple but nice

  35. Awesome round up! I am helping someone plan her wedding and am going to use these!

  36. I love the metal “S” what kind of metal did you use?


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