100 Clever Valentines Day Sayings

Y’all! I updated my giant list of clever Valentines Day sayings. I kind of love it. We’ve now got 153 cheesy heart day sayings paired with small treats. Tons of non candy ideas, school supplies, useful items, and even healthy treats. This list covers everyone from co-workers to husbands to classroom valentines! I’m pretty excited about this post… a list, organized by item, of all the clever, cheesy Valentines day sayings I could hunt down and/or make up! 
1. Pixie sticks: Stick with me, Valentine
2. Smarties: It’s smart being your friend
3. Chocolate coins: Don’t ever change Valentine
4. Lolly pop with a cape: Have a super Valentines Day
5. Gum: I chews you as my Valentine
6. Mints: We’re mint to be
7. Swedish fish: You’re a great catch
8. Extra gum: You’re extra special to me
9. Tootsie rolls: Happy Valentine, toots!
10. Pop Rocks: You rock, Valentine
11. Krackel chocolate bars: You krack me up
12. Rolos: I like the way you roll
13. Peeps: Happy Valentines Day to all my peeps
14. Snickers: Thanks for making me snicker
16. Hot tamales: You’re one hot tamale
17. Butterfinger: Life is butter with you in it
18. Any candy: You’re sweet
19. Button candy: You’re as cute as  a button
20. 2 of any candy: We’re 2 of a kind
21. Reeses pieces: You stole a piece of my heart
22. Almond Joy: It’s a joy being your friend
23. Starbursts: I’m bursting with happiness that you’re my friend
24: Rolos (wrapped in red construction paper): You’re the bomb
25. Gummi bears: I’m beary happy you’re in my class
26. Sweet tarts: You’re as sweet as can be
28. Tootsie rolls: I like the way you roll
29. Blow pop: You blow me away, Valentine!
30. Hershey kisses: I love you a bushel and a peck
32. Gold fish: You’re a great catch
33. Teddy Grahams: I like you beary much
35. Apple Jacks: You’re the apple of my eye
36. Lucky Charms: I’m lucky to have you
37. Cracker Jacks: You crack me up
38. Funyun chips: You’re so much fun
39. Chips Ahoy cookies: Ahoy Matey, be my valentine
40. Ice cream: You’re cool
41. Gold fish: You are o’fish’ally an awesome friend
42. Donut holes: I love you a hole bunch
43. Donut holes: Do nut you know I love you a hole bunch
44. PB&J Sandwiches: We stick together like PB&J
45. Crush soda: I’ve got a crush on you
46. Kool Aid: You’re kool
47. Mountain Dew: I love everything you dew
48. Apple juice boxes: You’re the apple of my eye
49. Hot chocolate: You melt my heart
50. Soda: I soda think you are amazing
52Fortune cookie: I’m so fortune-ate that you’re my friend
53. Froot loops: You make my loop complete
54. Can of soup: You’re souper!
55. Key shaped cookies: You hold the key to my heart
57. Apple sauce: You’re awesome sauce
 61. Cheerios: You’re O so special to me
62. Pickle: You mean a great dill to me
63. Clementine orange: You’re such a cutie

64. Berries: I like you berry much
65. Banana: I go bananas over you
66. Orange: Orange you glad you’re my valentine
67. Plum: You’re plum perfect
69. Pear: We make the perfect pear
70. Nuts: I’m nuts about you
71. Peanut butter: Spread the love
72. Popcorn: To a pop-ular kid
73. Olives: Olive you a lot


76. Crayons: You color my world, Valentine!
77. Ruler: You rule, Valentine
78. Highlighter: You’re the highlight of my day!
79. Glue: Let’s stick together
80. Pen/ Pencil: You’re just write for me

81. Matchbox car: I wheelie like you
82. Playing cards: 52 things I love about you
83. Magnifying glass: I’ve got my eye on you
84. Glow sticks: You make my heart glow
85. Bouncy ball: Have a ball this Valentines
86. Bubbles: You blow me away, Valentine
88. Stickers/ tattoos:  I’m stuck on you
89. Plastic zoo animals: I’m wild about you
90. Ball: You make my heart bounce
91. Shovel: I dig you
92. Dinosaur: Have a Dino-mite Valentines Day
93. Lion: You’re sweet and I’m not lion
94. Toy Dinosaur: “Valentine, you make my heart ‘saur’!”
95. Toy Dinosaur: The other one will say “Valentine, you’re ‘dino’mite!”
96. Star Wars: You’re the Obi-Won for me
97. Puzzle pieces: We just fit
98. Bubbles: I’m bubbling with excitement that you’re my friend
99. Any tattoo or sticker: I’m stuck on you
100. Cat (tattoo, sticker, eraser): I think you’re purrrrrfect
101. Ball: I like the way you roll
102. Mad libs: I’m mad about you
103. Owl (tattoo, sticker, eraser):  I’ll owl-ways be your friend
104. Boat: You float my boat
105. Crazy straw: You make me loopy


106. Map/ globe: You mean the world to me
107. Chap stick: Read my lips, Valentine…I’m yours
108. Cookie cutter: You’re a cut above the rest
109. Socks: We’re the perfect pair
110. Search wood book: I searched and found the best Valentine

111. Google eyes: I’ve got my eyes on you
112. Crazy straws: I’m crazy for you
113. Sewing kit: You’re sew special to me
114. Band Aids: I’m stuck on you
115. Buttons: You’re as cute as a button
116. Magnet: Can’t resist your pull
117. Friendship bracelet: Our class would knot be the same without
118. Matches: We’re the perfect match
119. Handi wipes: You can count on me when things get sticky
120. Sewing kit: I love you sew much
121. Soap: I was soapin’ you’d be my Valentine
122. Hot pad: You warm my heart
123. Hammer: You make my heart pound
124. Candle: You light up my life
125. Comb: Honey, comb your hair we have a date tonight
126. Dry erase/ chalk board: I’m never board when you’re around
127. Playing cards: You are the King of my heart
128. Lottery ticket: I love you a whole Lotto
129. Lottery ticket: You’re a whole lotto fun
130. Door hanger: I adoor you
131. Magnets: Let’s stick together
132. Screwdriver: You drive me mad (in a good way)!
133. Socks: You knock my socks off
134. Watch: You make my heart go tick tock
135. Light bulb: I love you a whole watt
136. Paper/electric fan: You blow me away
137. Toothbrush: I can’t smile with out you
138. Scratch off jokes: 6 cheesy heart day jokes!
139. Mustache: I mustache you a question? Will you be my Valentine?
140. Painted twigs: Stick with me, Valentine
141. Typewriter doodle: You’re just my type
142. Sheep doodle: I love ewe
143. Owl doodle: Owl be you’re friend forever
144. Star Wars: You’re the obi-one for me
145. Clothes pins: I’d love to hang out with you
146. Rocket ship: You’re outta this world
147. Owl doodle: You’re a hoot
148. Deer doodle: You’re a deer to me
149. Maze: I think you’re a-maze-ing
150. Flower: I’d pick you any day
151. Thumbprint: Thumb-body loves you
152. Lottery ticket: I love you a whole “Lotto”
153. Painted rocks: You rock, Valentine
154. Pom Poms: You are the Pom
valentine sayings

Do you have anymore sayings I should add to the list? Oh and if you are looking for non candy (healthy) Valentines day ideas… here ya go!

63 Non candy Valentines day sayings


  1. Totally love cheesy things like this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haha.. this is too cute! What a great list.. even the cheesy ones :)

  3. This is PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing–totally pinning this! :)

  4. I love this!!! so awesome!! thanks for sharing!

  5. I love a little cheese :) I'm happy you like the list!

  6. Thanks for pinning :)

  7. What a great list! Now I just have to decide which one to use:) Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this! I'm definitely pinning it to my Valentine Board! I made a super cheesy Valentine gift for my husband a couple years ago with things he loved like" Nuts-I'm nutty about you, Candle-you light up my life, little cakes-I love you like a fat kid loves cake, Hammer-you make my heart pound, Snickers-thanks for making me snicker, and more I can't seem to think of, you get the idea. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  9. Thank you for pinning and for more ideas! I'm going to add those to my list :)

  10. We made heart shaped crayons and wrote "you color me happy Valentine"

  11. Use old keys or key charms…You hold the key to my heart!

  12. Love em all! You are hereby pinned and followed.

  13. thanks! I'm happy you like the list :)

  14. These are great!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for heart shaped origami bookmarks for a preschool and kindergarten class?

  15. This is so fun! Thank you so much for posting these! I saw it on pinterest and had to check it out! The list is so comprehensive and there are just so many great ideas! I'm going to be such a good wife for valentines day thanks to these sayings! :) It all can be very low budget too which I love!
    Thanks again!!!

  16. I'm happy I can help you be a good wife… ha! I need to work on that skill myself :)

  17. Thank you so much! You saved me a bunch of time. I do a Valentine countdown each year for my hubbs and son. A little saying and gift each day. http://dawardfamily.blogspot.com/2011/02/february.html
    You had some new ones I haven't used before. Now to do the shopping!

  18. Cute ideas! Look at my blog for lots more ideas: cutevalentines.blogspot.com

  19. Wow…super!!! I've just linked this post to our blog FB page!! Thanks so much!

  20. How about honeycomb your hair we have a date tonight lol I love that one its so funny. You're one hot tamale … and I actually got a dry erase board for our fridge and made a tag that says "im never board when you're around" … I think it gets easier the more you make up lol

  21. Jamie, I shared this at my Blog! So many cute sayings

  22. LOVE this list!!!

  23. I can't believe I'm the only one that's doing "I <3 Nerds" valentines this year(photo valentines wearing big glasses & pig tails, with a box of Nerds glued to the card). Nerds are my kids' favorite candy, and with the current nerd trend, it just seemed inevitable. lol

  24. I hope you have a colorful Valintine's Day! -crayons

  25. Smarties- It's smart being your Valentine

  26. This is so great! I found little stuffed dinosaurs at the dollar store. I'm going to make two cards to go with each of them, one from each of my twins. One will say "Valentine, you make my heart 'saur'!" The other one will say "Valentine, you're 'dino'mite!"

    Thanks for making this list!!!

  27. These sayings are so cute! I know what I will be doing for Valentines day now!

  28. My son’s pre-k class is 14 boys and 1 girl. Does anyone have any ideas on what would be an appropriate Valentine for boys to give to other boys? They’re all 4 and 5 years old. Thank you!

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      You’re Dino-riffic with a mini Dino toy? You make my heart glow with a glow stick! Hope that helps!

    • Tula Shamhart says:

      Hi Michelle,
      A good valentine would be the little gold fish crackers most kids like them and put a valentine that says
      “You’re O-fish-ally My Valentine” .

  29. 2 Cute!!!! Love cheesy things like that!!! Mind if I “steal” a few???? 😀

  30. I’m working on my post for next week that uses this craft. But…
    You are the TEA in my ValenTine’s Day!

    And LOVE these….so clever!

  31. Awesome list…thanks so much for pulling all of these together!

  32. You are sooo……. sweet to share these!! My twin daughters are using these for their 3rd grade Valentines Day party!! :) Thanks!! :)

  33. You make my heart go BOOM BOOM BOOM, with toy guns (:

  34. I have one….
    My life would be un”bear”able without you. Gummy Bears

  35. Melissa Tychsen says:

    I didn’t see this on your list:
    “Orange you a cutie, Valentine” with a cutie, clementine, orange

  36. Great ideas! Thanks for the list!

  37. Totally just pinned this….what a great resource!!

  38. I’m going to look for little flashlights for my grandkids with “You light up my life!!”
    All my grandkids LOVE flashlights!!

  39. I made a list for my husband and a few that you didnt have on here are:
    I don’t mean to be cheesy, but will you be my valentine? (I’m using canned cheese, but you could do cheetos, cheez its, string cheese…)
    My LIFE wouldn’t be the same without you! (Lifesavers)
    I cannot get enough of your kisses! (Hershey kisses)
    We make a great combo! (Combos)
    I am BEERY glad you’re mine! (6 pack of beer)

  40. For the butterfinger one, I’d say “You butter be my valentine!”

  41. For the men: Fishing lure – “I’m hooked on you!”
    Nails – “I want to nail you!”
    Screws – “Let’s screw!” (Don’t blush. You know your hubby would love it!)
    For girls: Hair accessories – “Hair is hoping you’ll be my valentine!”

  42. cute valentine says:

    “you hold the key to my heart” with a cute keychain

  43. Im doing half of these for my valentines cards thx u so much!

  44. You hold a special place in my heart. For a bookmark.

  45. I did a few of these for etegami (picture postcard) Valentines… #97 “You’re a Hoot” I posted here http://labontea.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/youre-a-hoot/

  46. We are giving books, any cute saying for books?

  47. Does anyone have a suggestion for a box of conversation heart?

  48. Anyone have any ideas for a clever saying about diamonds??

  49. You keep me a float…. root beer float

  50. Your smile “brightens” my day — toothpaste, dental floss picks

    You’re so Loveable, I could just “Squeeze” you — Juice Squeeze drink

  51. Will you be my Valentime? (to give with a watch)

  52. LOVE these ideas! I used the “berry” one for one of my daughter’s teachers.

    To add to the list for next year:
    Her other teacher got a bottle of Dr. Pepper (her favorite soda) with a card that read, “Dear Ms. A., I’d be “soda”lighted if you’d be my Valentine!” My daughter also made three tissue paper flowers for each of her classmates with a card that read, “Dear Valentine, I like you a WHOLE BUNCH!”

    Thanks for providing the list. You might want to consider adding to the searchable words so it’ll come up for any occasion when someone needs a cute, small gift. Other holidays, birthdays, last day of school, first day of school or even for a favorite camp counselor.

  53. we make a perfect pear.!
    chees, i want you!
    lettuce, be together!
    now your just somebody that i used to snow!
    we hould chill some ime(icecream doodle)

  54. these are useful

  55. You put the Pep in my step – Pep candy or peppermint candy
    I love you to pieces – a puzzle
    You make me smile – a toothbrush
    I love hue – water paints
    Won’t chew be mine? – gum
    Never lego my heart – Lego

  56. We just did “Thanks for pudding friendship in my life” with a pudding cup.

  57. Baby you are some hot stuff (tabasco sauce)

  58. How about handprints? What’s a good saying for kids handprints?

    • natalie michel says:

      you walked all over my heart
      you make the best impression
      Hands down! you’re the best!
      We’ll stay together through the “Hands” of time

  59. Calien Laure says:

    — Please have this mo-mento [??] (mentos candy)
    — Clearly see meant to be (eye drops)
    — Here’s a little hug [from me to you] (hug drinks)

  60. We fit Perfectly attached to a puzzle

  61. Jacqueline says:

    My kids and I were trying to figure out what to write on a card that had a circus seal on it (he’s balancing a heart on his nose). Any ideas??

  62. You light up my life – use firefly clipart

  63. Thank you for all of the great ideas
    I am looking for a cute valentine saying using a buffalo, any ideas?

  64. Thank you so much for this list of sayings. Such inspiration to read them, now I have some creations in my head!

  65. Wow!!! Its really a great collection, If you done a great job. :) <3 <3

  66. Green toy soldiers (plastic)…
    “Love is a battlefield!”
    “I’d go to battle for you Valentine!”

  67. super thanks for sharing!!! :)

  68. I need help with teenage saying.
    They are too old to use the L word, love, valentines is too awkward, but they want to be able to give their friends something without it being taken wrong.

    for their teachers I made heart shaped rice Krispy treats with them saying
    Your teaching makes me “snap, crackle, and pop”

  69. Ciara Zimmer says:

    Any ideas for a clever saying to go along with cologne?

    • I think it would depend on the brand. example: Old Spice: You spice up my life. Cant think of another one off the top of my head. But something like that.

  70. It might be late but…


    You don’t have to be a snack cause’ I know just what will make you smile back. ^^ Happy Valentines Day.

  71. What about for cake pops? Any good saying to go with those ?

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Hmm… how about: “You make my heart pop!” or “To a POP-ular kid” or “My heart POPS for you!”

  72. Jamie – can you happen to think of any for homemade crayons (other than “you color me happy”)? I’ve made some and would really like to create a cute tag. These are great (pinning)!

  73. We are all about this, thanks for sharing! It’s about the little things :

  74. These are brill and so funny! I want to go and make about a hundred valentines cards now!! Amazing list x

  75. Raptor:
    I’m raptor round your finger

  76. Well I’m a miner and I wanted to do one for student council all girls older than me do u have anything that’s for girls from a girl

  77. All those puns remind me of the old valentines when I was a kid. Very cute :)

  78. Super clever list! I do love a good pun (: Pinning!

  79. What an original idea – glad I found you through the Pin Me link up. I’ve pinned you to my pinterest board!

  80. i have a diy project for the senior citizens in my town and i need some ideas for a saying i have a heart plate that ive glued a mirror to on one side and on the other i need something good to write about… something like roses are red violets are blue or something that says flip over to see my valentine so when they flip the heart over they see their self in the mirror…. btw winner gets 25.00 lol please help

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Fun idea! What about “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest/ best/ sweetest Valentine of all?”

  81. Very clever! Sometimes it’s so hard to think what to say! I love this. Thank you for joining us at #purebloglove. We enjoy having you every Thursday at 8PM, EST through Sunday night. ~Cydnee

  82. I’m giving my boyfriend a gift card to his favorite clothing store and don’t know what to write relating to either clothing or style. Any help is much appreciated.

  83. This was so so soooooo helpful for my brother to give out to his class. Thanks so much! Very cute!

  84. Makenzie Bostick says:

    Love this! Totally stealing, any good ones for cologne? Need to finish off my boyfriends Valentine’s day basket! Thanks!!

  85. There are a lot of great sayings here. Thank you for the cute Valentine’s ideas:)

  86. Fruit Loops – I’m loopy for you!

  87. Need a saying for Valentine’s Day bookmark

  88. awsome

  89. Pretzels-You tie me in knots?? Maybe?

  90. I have friends that I don’t know what to give them but now I do

  91. Nicole Hayes says:

    What would be a cute saying for Baby Ruth candy bar?

  92. Thanks for finally writing about >100 Clever Valentines Day Sayings – C.R.A.F.T.

    <Liked it!


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