Young House Love in Austin, TX {Book Tour}

If you missed it, here is the story of why we moved to and from Florida in one year. I’m calling Austin home, but that’s only kind of true. Our stuff lives in 4 main places: a storage unit it Austin, my parents house, my car, and a friends house in Austin. We’er working on the house thing…. I think I’m going to do a whole post about house hunting. It’s hard work and slightly depressing (a home is expensive)! Anyhow, I made it back to Austin just in time for John and Sherry’s book tour stop in ATX! Woot woot! I’m a huge fan, who isn’t? They rock. (Here’s a list of YHL book tour stops if you’re interested.) This is my super excited face before I left our friend’s house to meet Annie at Anthropologie. (It’s conveniently located next door to Book People, where the big event was happening!)

young house love

I’m a total freak show and showed up 2 hours early. Yep. I don’t like to be late, and I wanted a good seat! So, I met Annie at Anthropolgie for a little window shopping (and to assess the YHL situation). I’m thinking I want to try and DIY these pants and I need that squirrel tape holder!

young house love book

After, Annie and I went to investigate the Book People situation and claim our front row seats! #nerdalert #happyascanbe Annie secured out line ticket since I was living in FL at the time. We got group B, and she got the ticket a month before! #crazytown

young house love tour




We met Allison (House of Hepworths) and Beth (Free Stylin’) at the event. Allison even recorded John and Sherry’s 31 minute speech in case you want to hear it… I got some cute front row pics of the Petersik’s. John tried to take a pic of Sherry talking and she wasn’t feelin’ it, ha!

young house love book tour


John got his pic, and I think it was a good one!

young house love


And a few more cute ones:

young house love

They’re cute and fun… just like they seem on the blog! After the talk, John and Sherry went through their fancy blue curtain and up the stairs for the book signing portion of the night. Even standing in line was fun… chessy I know, but everyone was jsut happy to be there and meet the people they read about everyday in person! Y’all know how I love cheesy valentine sayings, right. I figured YHL would appreacite the cheese too, since they’re the king and queen of catchy titles! I gave them each a lottery ticket that said “I like you a whole lotto!” (Get the free printable here!)

young house love

And guess what! John won $10! #luckyduck I was pretty excited to get a tweet from my blog idols about the winning ticket:

Young house love



After the event, Annie, Beth, Allison and I went to Guerros taco bar and scarfed down tasty tacos. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures #badblogger We were too busy easting and catching up! Oh but, here is one of my very favorite pictures of the night… John, Sherry, Annie and me!

young house love

And this is a super close second…. I heart these girls! And I love how we look like we coordinated our outfits with the emerald green accents! Maybe we’re just super excited about the Pantone color of the year? Or maybe great minds think alike!

young house love


I feel pretty lucky I’ve got to see Sherry and JOhn speak twice now… I saw them for the first time at Haven 2012! I even got a pic!

young house love


Did you get a change to go to a YHL book stop? Did you love it?  Have you read the Young House Love book yet? I love that they included lots of quick projects for instant cuteness!



  1. Awesome post recap! It was so fun hanging out with you. I am looking forward to Blissdom too. There’s an Austin meetup next weekend. I’ll email you the deets. :)

  2. Hey Jamie! Great recap! I love your lotto tickets…super fun! I’m off to read your post about moving from Florida…I’m now very intrigued…and bummed that we didn’t get in touch while you were down here!


  1. […] like you a whole lotto”. I even gave one to Young House Love at the book tour in Austin (here’s my re-cap). Here’s YHL’s re-cap where they actually gave me 2 shout outs for the lotto ticket and […]

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