How to give cash {ways to give money}

With only 3 days left until Christmas, here is a super simple last minute gift ideas. Cold, hard bacon! But it’s boring to just hand someone a card and a $20 bill. So, here are 21 clever ways to give cash as a gift this Christmas (or any holiday for that matter)! 
21 Ways to give cash creatively

1. Money bags

creative ways to give money

2. Matchbox money

ways to give money

3. Hide cash or gift card behind an embroidered canvas

Creative ways to give gift cards

4. Free printable pillow box

Fun ways to give money as a gift

5. Money balloons @ She’s crafty

How to give cash

6. Chocolate money @ Life as a mom

How to give cash

7. Origami money @ Homemade gifts

money origami heart
 8. Peppermint Money Rolls @ Martha Stewart

9. Gift Card Cuff @ It’s Toile Good

How to give cash

10. Canned Money @ What I live For

How to give cash

11. Money Tree @ Then She Made

How to give cash

12. Money Lei @ Lil luna

How to give cash

13. Scavenger hunt @ C.R.A.F.T. (and here’s another post about scavenger hunt games)

How to give cash

14. Money Lottery: My brother invented this method. He puts various amounts of cash in envelopes, fans them out and allows us each to pick one envelope. Typically this happens on Christmas afternoon. One year the big prize was $100!   I must say it is pretty exciting, and my siblings and I look forward to it each year!

15. Gingerbread “dough” +poem @ Heart and soul scrappers

How to give cash

16. Book Money- Hide a crisp $20 bill in a good book. Freakanomics, Matilda, or maybe even a cook book. The hard part is not telling the recipient. Just let the recipient find the hidden treasure as they flip through the book. I promise they will be excited…it is like finding $10 in your winter coat pocket!

17. Kleenex money box @ Lovezilla

How to give cash
18. Brown bag envelope @ Mish Mash
How to give cash

19. Frame money @ Create my event

How to give cash


20. It’s raining money @ The seasonal home

How to give cash

21. Pizza box

ways to give money


With Christmas just around the corner, I feel like this might be a handy post! Do you have any other ideas about how to give cash creatively? I’d love to hear…

How to give cash creatively


  1. Thank you, C.R.A.F.T., for the great roundup!!! I bookmarked it, FBed it and Tweeted it, too! You're awesome! Thanks for all the information and inspiration C.R.A.F.T. provides. Merry, merry and happy, happy!

  2. I like it a lot! So creative!

  3. How about it put money in the balloons (like your post) but hang them on a dartboard and give the recipient(s) a certain number of darts (5?) to throw. Whatever balloons they break, that’s the amount they get. Of course they keep throwing darts until they break a balloon with each one.

  4. Those are so creative! I like the balloon idea, I’m going to have to give it a try. :)

  5. Love all these ideas! Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks for Showing Me the Money!

  7. These are some very cool ideas!! You are so right…a card with a $20 bill in it is just too boring!
    Love the ideas and will use a couple this Christmas!!! Thanks for the ideas!
    Charlotte from AZ

  8. My mom was lots of fun and extremely creative but one year it boomeranged on her….It was my brother’s first year in college and she was always sending little care pkgs. to him … Well, this one time she decided to carefully open up a bunch of shelled walnuts, took out the nutmeat and replaced it with different denominations of money ($1.00 – $5.00 – 10’s 20’s 50’s and even a hundred dollar bill…)and glued the shells back together again. …Well, my brother was busy preparing for his finals and wasnt all that excited about a receiving a big box of unshelled walnuts so he dumped them in a bowl and put them out on the coffee table for anyone to enjoy…When his friends came by he was completely surprised when they started to open up the nuts and out popped the money…!! Need I say more..?? His books were pushed aside and everyone helped him painstakenly open each and every one….!! Needless to say, he never took her surprises for granite again and always, always checked everything very, very carefully …inside, outside, and upside down. : )

  9. Tami Simpson says:

    We are looking for some different ways to give our kids money this year. Last year we got them 300 one dollar bills, crumbled them up separately and put them in a pizza box. Wrapped the box up and had a contest. They sat on the couch, could unwrap the present but not open the box. Then they had to face the open end of box away from them and when we counted to 3 they had to see who could open the box the fastest!!!! What fun they had. Am really glad I found your site. thinking about the balloon one for this year!!

  10. We gave cold hard cash by placing the money into ziplock bags and freezing in buckets and bowls of water. We had to get creative to keep the bags of money from floating to the top of the container before freezing but it was a lot of fun to give a bucket with blocks of “ice” with money in it.

  11. I am going to give my wife cash for Christmas, so that she can go out and spend it on whatever she wants. Putting in a card, in paper or gift card form, doesn’t really convey much thought at all.

    So, knowing how much I wanted to give, I started to think of ways to make giving cash as memorable as possible. Also, I didn’t want to use google to rehash someone elses idea, not that there is anything wrong with that.

    I came up with the idea of giving her stacks of hundred $1 bills but wanted to take it a step further. I looked up how many bills are in a pound. 454, as each bill weighs a gram. I broke down the gift to be equal to just over a pound. I will wrap it in deli paper and put it in the frig.

    Getting her to find it will entail a clue game, ultimately leading to a deli ticket to have her check the lunch meat drawer.

    We are doing a scavenger hunt for our kids too.

    Can’t wait for Christmas morning. Should be fun.

  12. Michelle says:

    Since Easter is coming soon, this gave me an idea to give money in plastic easter eggs in an old egg carton…thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  13. Debbie aston smith says:

    I have hidden money for my grandchildren for many years, here are some of the ones i have done in the past
    hide rolled up cash and put into uncooked pasta, small tubes, work good
    wrap money in tin foil, and put into a favorite candy, i open the end and them glue it closed, really fun i those big bags of assorted candy
    i put some in between the “popcorn” packing peanuts ,i taped with clear tape nomey between two peanuts and added it to a box full of them.
    roll them in a paper towel roll and can use toilet paper, hope these ideas help

  14. Thanks, awesome ideas. Now I really need to get some money to put this into practice! lol

  15. My parents received 25 silver dollars framed for their 25th (silver) wedding anniversary. My son received a pair of “fireman” rubber galoshes for his 5th birthday that had several handfuls of change in them (like the fill-the-boot fundraiser fire departments do). Quarters fit perfectly into those “Airborne” tubes, and my mother used to slip a couple of those tubes in my care packages when I was in college. Of course there is always the cash in a small wrapped box, inside a larger wrapped box, inside an even larger wrapped box, etc… For those who just love unwrapping things!

  16. I loved this blog but thought our Creative Way to Give Money (Cash) as a Christmas Gift at could be a great addition. thanks for sharing these cool ideas.


  17. My friend”s son (age 11) received a pair of jeans from his grandma, he wore them to school the next day. Imagine his surprise when he stuck his hand in a pocket and found a $5 bill. Each pocket had one too. Cool to get the surprise at school.

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      How fun is that!!! Great idea :) But, what if he never found it?! I guess eventually it would have showed up in the wash :)

      • in my house the person who does the laundry gets to keep the money found in pockets…that’s how I get them to check their pockets before clothes go in the wash,

  18. I have purchased a photo album and each week since the end of my grandson’s junior year of high school, I put $20 in a sleeve. When he graduates, I will give the photo album as his gift.

  19. karen frazier says:

    Craft stores sell mugs and cups that you can pull the inside of the mug or cup and attach a design to the inner cup and then insert the design cup or mug bag into the clear outside of that cup or mug. You can usually purchase these for under a dollar. Instead of coloring a design included with the mug or cup, I wrapped the mug with money and inserted back into the clear cup or mug holder. When finished your cup or mug is a perfect way to give money in a creative way. If you want your recipient of your gift to think you have gone off the deep end , place your designed cup or mug back into the original box and wrap it as a gift, this is really funny especially when you are giving to a older teenager.

  20. One of my favorite things to give to children for their birthdays is a balloon with cash tied on the string kinda like a kite I make bow ties out of the bills.I usually give the same amount as their age. I have one nephew who loved it so much I had to start using amounts like 2 fives and 3 ones for 13. Its always a hit!

  21. I´ve been hiding tips in the books for months, great incentive to re-read some old favourites!

  22. This past Christmas my mother and I set out to give my cousins money with some similar ways. We succeeded at the balloon box and money pizza but also tried some others. One was a money bracelet that we were able to find instructions for online. We also did a gum package of money, and Lindor Truffles. It was a fun project and my cousins really enjoyed it!

  23. Two years ago I bought red and green helium balloons and tied money to the strings. Each granddaughter picked their color and then had to figure out how to get them down from the ceiling! This year I had to come up with a new idea sooo I filled a pinata with candy and money! Both ideas were a great success and lots of fun to watch.

  24. Deedagirl says:

    The best money gift I have done was for my sister-in-law…. I got a 50 dollar bill and started wrapping rubber bands around it to make a big rubberband ball. It was so fun watching her undo it


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