Wink and Winn diaper bag giveaway

Note: This post is sponsored by Wink and Winn, but as always, all opinions are my own.

According to my hand dandy app, the bambino will arrive in 16-ish days! Ahh! This week I finally shared a few tutorials from the nursery, how to make ledge shelves and how to make easy valances. I’ve got lots more exciting baby things planned next week, maybe even some pics of this giant belly (here’s one from Valentine’s Day)! But today, We’ve got a fancy diaper bag giveaway.  She’s big, has a zipper at the top, dark colored, multiple compartments inside, and even has a tassel! She’s from Wink and Winn, a fun new company that allows you to design your own bag. Yea, that’s right you get to pick it all out folks. It’s harder than it sounds, ha! There are so many pretty choices, choosing one is tricky business! I finally decided on this diaper bag beauty:

Wink and Winn diaper bag giveaway

Here’s how it works… you go to the Wink and Winn site, and first choose a style of bag. Mine is a North South tote. The site is interactive and fun and it makes it really easy to see what your bag would look like in real life. I spent a few minutes, or uhh hours, whipping up lots of combos. Here is my narrowed down list of 6 choices. Oh and those gold dots on the bag are the 7 customizable pieces to your bag (handles, tassel, top trim, sides of bag, front of bag, hardware, and bottom of bag). There are 33 color/ material choices just for the outside and then you have to pick a liner, hardware, and tassel!

Wink and Winn


I narrowed it down to these 2 choices and facebooked it. Facebook voting had a 50/50 split. Uh oh. No what? I decided to be practical. True. The navy bag is darker and would show less mess, so that’s the one I got to use as my diaper bag!

Final Wink and Winn


Here’s another fun thing, Wink and Winn sends you periodic sneak peeks of your bag in production. Here’s the first one:Wink and Winn diaper bag

Then, I also love that you get an email when the bag is done! You can get excited and start expecting it at your door!

Wink and Winn diaper bag




So, ya wanna win an awesome, totally customizable bag? Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is available to anyone anywhere! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The fine print:

  • PRIZES: ONE $420 gift card and FIVE $50 gift cards redeemable at Wink and Winn.
  • TO ENTER: Use Rafflecopter widget above.
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Monday, March 3rd at midnight.


  1. Definitely a North South tote as well–I just think that shape is so much more practical for carrying around all the darn time. And I think I’d pick a nice neutral leather–so it would go with anything–I like the lizard grain a lot!

  2. hmm, gold leather for sure, with brown accents? so many choices!

  3. I love the satchel. It would be perfect for me!

  4. It’d be a tough choice between the north-south tote and east-west tote. But I know for sure it would be turquoise and brown accents!

  5. Definitely loving the chic crossbody, but I can’t decide between the lizard grain and the leather…

  6. Jessy Carlisle says:

    I would do the small duffle or large duffle. I like the pearl teal and blue together. There are so many cute options, but I am pretty sure that is the one I’d go with!!

  7. I like the idea of a natural leather with either gold accents or a darker leather accent… the choices are endless!!!

  8. I would choose something similar to your #4 or 5! :)

  9. a North South in dark-blue would be great… :)

  10. I Love the large druffle in wonderfull red and orange

  11. I liked the pebble brown and navy leathers for my bag! Gorgeous!!

  12. I like the east west in purple and cream

  13. This is awesome! How neat that you can customize your own bag! I’m not sure what mine would look like, I’m on my way over to the site now to play!

  14. I’d pick the same tote bag you did, but probably in the lovely lighter blue color, with gold accents-ohh la la!

  15. Id pick the same one you did! So fun! thanks!

  16. love the purple!

  17. I think I would go for the east west bag in teal and off white or light brown. So cute and so fun! Thanks for the giveaway Jamie.

  18. I love the tip top tote!

  19. I would love a North South tote in pink and brown, if such a combination exists

  20. This is adorable! Looks more like a purse than a diaper bag! Hope I win!

  21. So fun! I love the small duffle with the pebbled leather (not sure what color…) and gold hardware!

  22. I love the east-west in navy and camel ostrich! What neat bags – thanks for having this contest, I love the bags!

  23. Those are beautiful! I love the teal one.

  24. I love that is bag will transition from diaper bag to fun bag when no longer needed for baby

  25. I like the North South as well, but I think I’d pick the purple smooth leather…tough choices!

  26. I would design a pebble black, large duffle bag with gold embellishments!

  27. Oh my goodness, I love this site! What fun to design my own bag! I’d choose the Large Duffel in smooth leather purple with a black lining. I could definitely use this in my teaching job. It would be great to win!

  28. Melanie Sim says:

    Ooh great prize! I had a lot of fun planning my dream bag, it would be a large duffle in pebble burgundy with gold hardware.

  29. I have 2 new granddaughters thus year. I would Love to give one I f them this beautiful diaper bag

  30. Lora W. says:

    That was fun designing a bag. i would pick the East West tote with pebble black leather and tan accents.

  31. North south tote in teal. Love it!

  32. I think I would have an East West tote in gold pebble leather with teal pebble leather trim. Swooning over it all!

  33. Is it weird that I want to win this even though I don’t have a baby, nor am I expecting one? I think it would be a fantastic bag to use in place of my current school/teacher bag, which is starting to literally fall apart.

  34. I’ll take the blue one please! Thanks

  35. Myrella A. says:

    I love the color of #5 would pick this one If I won .

  36. large duffle in suede

  37. brenda burgess says:

    I would like s black exterior with brown interior

  38. Definitely the North South Tote…Navy Pebble with a Pink Suede strip at the bottom with a pink suede tassel and straps with silver hardware!!

  39. Austin Baroudi says:

    Smooth leather black with lizard grain navy!

  40. theresa J says:

    I think I would pick the east west in ostrichgrain black

  41. Jessica says:

    I would get a smooth purple leather bag with turquoise accents and gunmetal hardware.

  42. I love the bucket bag in pink and zebra…!

  43. Kimberly says:

    I would pick the satchel in smooth purple leather with black lizard grain accents.

  44. Angel B says:

    I would choose neutral colors with a color of pop.

  45. I think I would go with the north south but it would take significant time to make a color/hardware commitment :) thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  46. Oh goodness!! The possibilities are endless! Am loving the small & large duffle bags and am having so much fun designing them:) Would love, love, love to win! (The large duffle bag would make a great teaching bag as another person commented~it would be durable, hold a lot of assignments that need marking, and it would be oh, so fashionable! I’d be the envy of all the other teachers. lol)

  47. Oops, forgot to say my bag would be pink with an animal print (probably the dark zebra print), the gunmetal hardware, and a black lining. Fun! My grade 2 students would think it and I was “cool”!!

  48. Went really dull for me. Satchel Blue ostrich and leopard horse hair with gold metallic handles.

  49. I think gold and teal might be quite fun! :)

  50. katherine says:

    teal or bright blue with dark brown trim

  51. I would definitely choose the North South Tote in Pebble Beige with the gold hardware. So cute!

  52. I would make a bag with a bold color and a metallic for sure!!! Use it as a diaper bag, so stylish

  53. A red saffiano leather satchel with silver hardware.

  54. Kelsey m says:

    I would probably go with neutrals and then a metallic!!!:)

  55. Definitely a North South tote as well. I just really like the shape! And I’m not a huge fan of bold colors so I’d probably get something neutral that would go with everything!

  56. East West tote in black and leopard!

  57. I like the North South tote – but in turquoise or teal, with either black or a metallic champagne for the bottom and straps. Gold hardware :)

  58. Virginia Schmidt says:

    I love your diaper bag design..I actually need a new diaper bag now that I think of it :) this could come in hand in a navy color

  59. Rebekah Woosley says:

    I’d have a Navy and pink bucket bag!


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