What is an interest list on facebook? {interest list)

Blogger or a blog reader, you’ve seen the posts on  facebook pages that say, “ATTENTION! Facebook now requires page administrators to pay to promote their updates if we want our content to be seen by our fans. If we do not pay to promote our posts, only about 10% of the fans receive the updates on the Facebook home page feed. etc, etc…” We want you to add our page to your interest list. Do you actually do it? I didn’t. But, only because I didn’t know what it meant. Thus, my research of facebook interest lists began.

What is an interest list on facebook

So, what the heck is facebook interest list? If you’re active on twitter, I’m sure you’ve used the list feature before. Facebook interest lists are very similar. If you’ve never heard of a twitter list, here’s the deal: An interest list on facebook lets you see updates from specific pages in a separate news feed. You are the curator of your interest lists (you can have more than one).

Here is how to make your very own interest list on facebook. First you have to be using your personal account. Go to your favorite facebook page, C.R.A.F.T. is a good one, if I do say so myself ; ) Click on the flower/ wheel icon and hit “Add to interest lists”.

What is an interest list

Then click “+New List”

What is an interest list

Next, this pops up. From here, it allows you to click through lots of pages. You can add all the DIY blogs to your DIY blog list. One thing I realized is only the pages you have liked from you personal page will show up here.

What is an interest list

Click next and it will take you here where you can name your list. You can easily change the name later and add more pages to your list at anytime. This is also where you can decide if you want your list public, friends only, or only for you to see.

What is an interest list

 Now, click the home button in the upper right hand corner, and on the bottom left of your news feed you will see a small grey label titled “INTERESTS” and underneath is are your lists.

What is an interest list

 So, now I can click on my DIY Blogs interest list and find all the latest updates from my favorite blogs:

What is an interest list

In the picture above, do you see on the right hand side, “List Suggestions”? Click “add” to add those pages to your list. It’s kind of like a google reader. I actually think I like the whole list thing. So, then why are brand pages freakin’ out and telling us to add them to their interest list? Let’s use C.R.A.F.T. as a real life example, and lets use 4,500 likes for a nice round number, BEFORE the interest lists debacle, roughly 26% of people who LIKED C.R.A.F.T. were actually seeing the posts on the C.R.A.F.T. facebook in their news feed. Now, only about 12% of people who LIKE C.R.A.F.T. on facebook are seeing C.R.A.F.T. posts in their main news feed. Facebook wants us to PAY for YOU to see our posts. Only admins of pages can see these numbers, but here is is the real deal, see how the “# people saw this post” has decreased and that’s just from Oct. 9th to Oct. 15th.

What is an interest list

There are certinaly other ways to get updates from your favorite blogs. Here are some more options for C.R.A.F.T., if you’re not feeling the facebook thing:

1: E-mail. I do this for 6 of my super favorite blogs. An email of the latest blog post makes it super easy to read! If you want a daily C.R.A.F.T. email, just type you email in the box that looks like this: It’s in the middle of the side bar and looks like this:

What is an interest list

2: RSS feed. This is also easy option, especially for people who read lots and lots of blogs (me!, me!) Just click HERE and voila, you can get C.R.A.F.T. in your google reader!

3: Twitter. This is a new fave for me. I’m also an instagram addict (thecraftblog), and on Twitter you get to see those too, whahoo! You’ll get all the blog posts updates + lots more chatter on twitter.

4: Blog Lovin’. This is simialr to a google reader. Click HERE to follow C.R.A.F.T. and find lots more blogs you’ll love!

5: Google +. I’m working on this one! Maybe we’ll have a hangout one day soon : )

6. And good ol’ facebook

Are you frustrated with the new facbeook stuff? Have you made an interest list yet? Have you ever paid to promote a post? Do you do Google +? Just curious, what’s your favorite form of social media? (Pinterest, anyone?)


  1. I’m sharing this post on my FB page (for those who see it lol) what a great post! Could I use it as a guest post?


  2. I was wondering what happened to my feed! Now I know. Argh, I already find FB completely confusing, this is not going to help. I only use it because it seems like you have to if you want to be chosen for certain promos, other than that, it’s a big headache for me. Thanks for this post though, otherwise I really would’ve been lost~

  3. Thanks for all the information Jamie, I’ll be sharing it on my facebook wall this afternoon…not that anyone will see it, lol.

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