Valentines Sayings #2

HERE are 15 Valentine Sayings in case you missed them…
 10 more free, cute, catchy, valentine sayings from around the web…

#1: “You’re Greeeeat” @ Mer Meg


#2: “I’m wild about You”
AND “I’m a sucker for your love”
AND “To my sweet heart” 
Valentine's day cards
#3: “Spread the Love” Butter Jars @ Maize in Montana 

#4: “I’m rounding up my Valentine’s and I’m lookin to lasso you” @ Cottage Industrailist

#5: “Don’t ever Change” @ Jac o’ lyn Murphy.
#6: “You’re Cool” AND “Whoooo Loves You” @ Style Crush 

Peptogirl Valentines

#7: “I wheelie like you” @ Mique at 30 handmade days

#8: “I select You. Naturally.” AND ” I= LUV” @ Ironic Sans
#9: “The best kind of Valentine’s crush is the kind you can drink” 

#10: “We’re the perfect pear” @ GCD Spa
perfect pear theme


  1. Love these! My favorite are #1, #3, & 9! I love the "spread the love" butter jars. Love reading your blog Jamie!

  2. Jamie,
    Thanks so much for posting my chocolate coins! You made my day. LOVE all you do :)

  3. Love them all, I have already downloaded the first one, that is totally making the vday card cut.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  4. Great round up! I'm loving those pirates!!

  5. I adore your blog! just featured this post on my mine, thanks!


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