I love you a whole lotto {Valentine Sayings}

I heart cheesy Valentines. I can’t help it. I’ve done “We’re the perfect pair“, “You’re sew special to us“, and “We’re stuck on you” in the past. I’ve even hosted a Valentines Day pizza party for all of our friends complete with heart shaped everything! (Don’t laugh, but I even heart shaped the carrots in the salad!) Needless to say, I like cheesy clever things. But I also like useful things. Socks and a sewing kit are always handy, and who doesn’t love a lottery ticket! So, today I’m sharing my “I like/love you a whole lotto” Valentine for all of my friends. You could also use “You’re a whole lotto fun”!

valentine sayings

It’s a super simple valentine to put together. Just print out the freebie, cut it up into squares, and then chop up some strips of paper. I used a magazine I had on the table and one sheet of construction paper.


You can download the freebie {here}


valentine sayings 3



Voila. Who wouldn’t like a sweet Valentine PLUS the chance to win $500 dollars! I think they’d make great teacher Valentine’s too.

valentine sayings

While I’m on the Valentine train, I want to introduce a series that is going to happen on C.R.A.F.T. at the end of January called Share the Love. Basically, I’ve asked a bunch of awesome bloggers to pick one Valentine saying off of the list of 100 cheesy sayings and make a Valentine craft inspired by their chosen saying! Should be fun especially for people, like me, who love cheesy, cute stuff : )

share the love



  1. Boy, that’s bad……I’m SOOO using it! :)

  2. These are so great. I don’t usually do valentines for the grown-ups, but this would totally make it worth it!

  3. Too fun! I have family members that give lotto tickets for Christmas gifts. I can’t wait to surprise them with these fun Valentines! Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Adorbs!! What a fun idea!

  5. cheesy Valentine’s – is there anything better?


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