UPDATE: C.R.A.F.T. #23: Clue games

Happy b i r t h d a y sweet friend!

For Natalia’s birthday her husband cooked us dinner…[gold star!]
It was very yummy and he even made chocolate martini’s!
We planned her a gift clue game, and then we all went to Sea World the next day!
I am sharing the scavenger hunt clue game excitement with you guys!
Birthday scavenger hunt
I did a post about birthday clue games awhile back… I love clue games! I make them up for any birthday/ Christmas/ half birthday/no occasion :) My mom used to make them for our birthday’s when we were young… All you need are
  • gift(s)
  • note cards
  • markers
  • time
Step 1: Think about where you will hide your clues and where your prizes will go… and start trying to rhyme words!
Step 2: Start writing your clues…this will get lots easier once you get into it. Make as many or as few as you want…I made 7 clues for Natalia, many of which are inside jokes!
#1: mirror mirror on the wall,
bootie dance here and watch Ryan drop his jaw

#2: chicken, steak, eggs, and fish,
fire me up and cook a great dish

#3: dodging doggy land mines on the way here,
in this backyard jungle, no vegetables are near

#4: buzz, swat, kill, fly
giant flying rodents, oh my!

#5: jack, queen, king, ace
where is your next clue? Hurry it is a race!

#6: look way in the back…you might find something old
hopefully your clue will not have any mold

#7: although yous took some extra time,
it turned out a lot better then mine!

Birthday scavenger hunt
Step 3: Once the clues are written, plan where you will put each clue…I usually write where to hide the clue on the bottom of the right clue...make sense? Check out the above picture. This will make hiding the clues SO much easier!

Step 4: Attach little goodies to some or all of the clues…sometimes I just attach a mini candy bar or sometimes a wrapped little goodie….Hide the clues so that this is a    s u r p r i s e   clue game!  


It’s a fun way to make small gifts even more exciting!



  1. very cute idea! I think I am going to do this for my husband's bday!

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