ugly lamp contest (closed)

Quick request…P L E A S E go to Better After and vote for my ugly lamp!! [you have to see this thing] I could win something awesome… ! But, seriously about the lamp…I actually paid  $3 dollars for that thing in high school AND it used to have a zebra mod podged lamp shade with rhinestones… but my mom threw it away a long time ago. (sad) creative or crazy…I’m not sure!?

ugly lamp contest



  1. I voted for your lamp! =)

    P.S. – I made your Google Father's Day card for my hubby, and he loved it!


    I even blogged about the card. My hubby is a computer science professor so it really was fitting, he took it to work and showed it off!

  3. I just voted for your ugly lamp, haha, so funny!

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