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We had a gallery hallway in Austin… all of those frames are still hanging on, or uhh… hanging up… and I’ve added a lot more. (See how I get white frames for $2.06!) And I still want a few more…floor to ceiling more. I want lots and lots of pictures :) The following gallery walls struck my fancy for one reason or another and all have some element of floor to ceiling pictures.
1: I love the one picture at the bottom of the pack… It’s fun and unique. This picture gave me inspiration to deviate from my all white frames… The faint chevron paint treatment is pretty fancy too :) I tried a not so faint orange stripe tape treatment, remember?
wall decor
via caitlin wilson design
2. I love the big pieces of art and of course,  I love that they are from floor to ceiling . I have been on the hunt for larger scale pieces I like, but sadly, the big ones are ‘spencive! Plus I do want friends and family on the wall, not just art. I can’t help but also love the 2 funky couches in the same room :)
pictures on walls
found via pinterst

3. Like most of blog world, I have a little YHL obsession, and there gallery wall is pretty awesome. They’re wall is way smaller than ours… but I like the ceiling to almost floor look with a mix of family, friends, and objects all in white matted frames.  

pictures on walls
young house love
4. You see a trend here :) I’m lovin’  the floor to ceiling thing. It’s unexpected and a little funky, plus you get more pictures for your wall space! I like that this one uses black and white frames with a mixture of mats… It gives the allusion of wall paper!
pictures on walls
found via pinterest
5. Now that we know where I’m (hopefully) going… here’s what I’m working with…
pictures on walls
pictures on walls
pictures on walls pictures on walls
I’ve framed some fun stuff… a post card to Andy from his dad when he was a little boy…
picture hanging

A little map of the Caribbean Andy and I bought for a dollar on vacation in Turks and Caicos…

picture hanging

The Texas cut out is right next to my Austin skyline canvas… 

picture hanging

What do you think of gallery walls? Do they need to be uniformed? Symmetrical? How to feel about my floor to ceiling obsession? I’d love to hear…


  1. The less symmetrical the better! I love it! You did such a great job and it's so personal!

    Katie @ Little Becky Homecky

  2. I love the idea of a gallery wall! I wish it was possible with two little ones. Yours is coming together great!

  3. your gallery wall looks amazing! I like both kind but I love when things look less symetrical and more organic so you can keep adding to it over the years. Your framed post card gives me a great idea for one my mom sent to me when she drove cross country years ago:)

  4. I love the mix but what is the large multi-colored thing on the right? I'm not sure that fits in with the other things….but it's your project. That was just my opinion. I love what you are doing and I want to creat something like this as well. I travel a lot so I have all these fun photos. I'm just getting ready to re-do my craft room and I want photos on the walls!!!

  5. i agree with Katie, the less symmetrical the better. love the floor to ceiling gallery wall, i may have to try this.

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  7. I'm happy I'm not the only one who likes the floor to ceiling gallery wall :)

  8. I'm not sure it fits either :) but, it has no where else to hang at the moment and I like it!

  9. Framing post cards and letters is always a fun thing to look at again and again :)

  10. Cant believe this ? Im a senior and I adore the foor to ceiling Framing and the full wall too. Sounded like for the young? & Young at heart aaH.

  11. I love the floor to ceiling gallery wall! I love that it can provide texture to the room without adding wallpaper (which can be a pain to remove if you want to change it), plus you get the added bonus of being able to easily switch out pieces when you want a change.

    I don't know if you have Christmas Tree Shops down where you are but they have some awesome large prints and canvases for super cheap, though they can be a bit hit or miss. Just a thought.


  1. […] see, there were a few exceptions, but it made for a cohesive-ish gallery wall. I wanted the picture frames to feel like wall paper and go from floor to ceiling. By wallpaper, I just mean the frames make a pseudo repetitive […]

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