Andy’s new computer

Note: This post is sponsored by Staples.combut all opinions are my own. 

If you’re new here, we bought a new house in Austin, TX about 3 months ago. We’ve done lots of DIY projects on the backyard and spruced up the living room a little, but other than that the house is not so cute… yet! Welcome to my office. Yep, this is where I spend lots and lots of time on that big ol’ computer. It’s not cute or even organized. But, we did at least get Andy a desk from our crazy awesome Craigslist trip! Oh and just for fun, here is where I blogged in our Austin condo and here is where I blogged in the Florida apartment.

Toshiba apps

Back to the computer situation, I also have a laptop that I use in bed and travel with. And poor Andy gets the leftovers. If we’re out of town in different locations, he gets no computer. He uses whatever I’m not using. Until now. Staples asked if I’d like to do a computer review. How can you say no to that?! They let us pick the one we wanted, and Andy chose the Toshiba laptop. Here she sits on his metal desk:

Toshiba L875D laptop review

Andy chose a Toshiba laptop for a few reasons:

1: I had a Toshiba laptop in college that lasted 5 years! In computer world that is an eternity.

2: Huge screen, 17.3″ to be exact. We’re both used to working on that big compter, and so a big screen on a laptop was essential.

Toshiba L875D laptop review

3: This laptop comes with an HDMI output. Don’t worry, I had no idea what this was either. Apparently  it makes it really easy to plug your computer into your tv. The HDMI outlet allows you to transfer the video and the sound and will play on whatever speakers your tv plays on. AND it will transfer HD picture quality. This is a big thing for Andy.

4: Andy was very excited to test out the new Windows operating system, that’s Windows 8 for those of you like me and had no idea there was a new operating system.

5: Oh and I love the Netflix App. You literally just click that button from your start page, and voila all the Netflix you could ask for (psst… you have to have a Netflix account)! And with that handy dandy HDMI output, we plug this bad boy into our TV and watch Parks and Rec reruns nightly!

Toshiba L875D laptop review

Now, Andy has is very own laptop complete with a giant screen and a HDMI output. Yippy! What kind of computer do you use? Did you know what an HDMI output did? Is your office as ugly as mine, ha! I’d love to hear…


  1. We use our HDMI cable to watch shows on Hulu for free!

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