Tooth fairy traditions

The idea that a tiny  fairy flies in your window, takes your tooth, and leaves you a goodie is pretty neat. Did you know that in some other countries the tooth fairy is called a tooth mouse? Here are 13 tooth fairy traditions…

Tooth fairy traditions


1. Lost button studio has the kid put their tooth in a jar of water on their nightstand. The tooth fairy takes the tooth and adds blue dye, glitter, and a $1 coin! No more digging under the pillow.


2. My mom made this sweet doll, and we put our tooth in the tiny little pouch. The tooth was replaced with a dollar bill!

3. This molar shaped pillow from ouef is adorable.
tooth fairy
4. Loop loft created this 2 in one pillow with a tooth chart and money holder. I love the idea of keeping track of the lost teeth.
 tooth fairy
 5. Ten kids and a dog’s tooth fairy hands out fair dusted dollar bills in exchange for a tooth.
tooth fairy
6. I love how Nest of Posies made the tooth fairy a tiny door personalized with their address!
tooth fairy
7. Filth wizardly folded a dollar bill into a tiny basket and added a teeny glittery note from the tooth fairy.
tooth fairy
8. According to delta dental AR blog, in Argentina and Sweden, a child’s tooth is placed in a cup of water and very thirsty magical mouse sneaks in, sips the water, and leaves coins as a thank you!


9. The tooth fairy comes in the window at Barnes yard. Here is the evidence on the windowsill…
tooth fairy
10. How does she created tooth fairy invoice printables complete with a little pouch to hold the tooth and gold coin.
tooth fairy
11. For $9.99 at this site, you can upload a picture of your sleeping kiddo and create a picture of the child and the tooth fairy. Proof that the tooth fairy exists!
tooth fairy
 12. Sensationery sells a tooth fairy box complete with notecards and  teensy pocket  for the little tooth.
tooth fairy
13. Or how about a tiny wooden tooth box? (from teethme)
tooth fairy
 + free tooth fairy pritnable notes from @ handmade charlotte!
What is the tooth fairy tradition in your house? I’d love to hear…


  1. I don't have any kids, but I really love these ideas!!! Thanks for sharing them!! Fabulous!

  2. These are great ideas! I just pinned them for future reference.


  3. jennintheyarden says:

    We follow the Seed Bunny tradition, but with so many friends being visited by the Tooth Fairy, we’ve had to amend our myth: Seed Bunny and Tooth Fairy are friends, cousins even!
    The Seed Bunny takes the tooth and leaves a packet of carrot seeds. The child plants the seeds. By the time the carrots are ready to eat, the tooth is grown in ready to bite and chew!
    This is a story derived from the Scholastic book, The Seed Bunny.

  4. cool ideas, .in my country of origin Puerto Rico we have the tradition that Lil’ mouse comes gets your tooth and leave a dollar. crazy tradition a mouse! But my daughters believe in fairies like I do!

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