Unique tattoos

what do YOU think about tattoos…?
I have to admit, I’m impressed that some people are brave enough to knowingly
stick themselves with n e e d l e s…If I wasn’t such a scardey cat I might think about getting one of the following clever, creative, rad
 just plain lovely tattoos.
#2:  this tattoo for those who love quotation marks
unique tattoos#3:  this tattooof Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls?

unique tattoos

#4:Betsy Dunlap tattooed a man’s arm with his daughter’s name. 
How tough and sweet at the same time.

unique tattoos

#5: sweet and simple…a sailboat :)
unique tattoos
#6: How fun are these color system tattoos?
unique tattoos
[tattoo’s #1-6 found via cup of joe ]
unique tattoos
#8: Be here now @ Kind of Matter
unique tattoos
 Do you have a tattoo? Do you often find yourself looking at other people’s tattoo’s? What is the best tattoo you’ve ever seen? I love 1 & 5.


  1. I do have a tattoo… a little wave on the inside of my ankle where I can hide it (or show it) depending on the situation! I wish I could have been a little more creative, but I love the water, the sound of the ocean, swimming, all of it, so it just fit me.

    That 'stache is too funny!

  2. I have 4 tattoos! I would not say I am addicted though… It has been about 2 years since my last tatt & all my tatts mean something special to me. The first I got was angel wings with devil horns holding up a halo on my back..Meaning…Obvious…

    My second was a butterfly on the left hand side of my chest with the chinese symbol for courage in it… meaning… I have been through a lot including physical & mental abuse when I was younger and I survived it all with courage.

    My third F/64 on my left wrist … a group of famous photographers! I got this one done when I was in school for my associates in fine arts. I am a photographer !

    And last but not least (and my favorite) I have 4 stars with wind going through them and tiny twinkle stars on my right wrist… each star represents someone in my life that I have lost and is colored by their favorite color… great grandfather great grandmother my friend brad that I lost in IRAQ and last a purple star for the 3 angel babies I lost.

  3. Have 2. Butterfly on my big toe (not sure why I wanted to highlight that lovely part of my body) that now looks like a bruise that resembles a butterfly. Ps – if you get a tattoo in a spot that gets a lot of friction, it will wear off and the colors wont be as sharp. Also have our couples monogram with a hibiscus flower in the most unoriginal tattoo place ever – my lower back. Got it on my honeymoon in Hawaii. I consider mine to be ridiculous. Would remove them, but can't say I show them off much! :)

  4. i have three, and luckily, one of mine is my favorite tattoos i have ever seen. i have a flower, celebrating when i finally bloomed, a butterfly for my transformation when i was finally able to drop the drugs and alcohol, and a stack of books to portray a life long love of reading, and to celebrate my job of being a children's librarian so that i may make a difference to the kiddos. (you should have seen the artists face…you want. a. stack. of. books?) it is trully beautiful!

  5. Yes, I do have tattoos. I wish I'd thought of that mustache one before I became a paranoid wuss. What a great idea!

  6. I have 3 small tattoos and I hate them all. Got 'em all in the early 90's as a freshly turned 18 year old.. enough said.

    I do like most of these, especially the color wheels and that peacock feather.

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  7. I've gots me quite a few tattoos =) I cant pick a fav, but my latest is a whisk on my forearm to symbolize my love for cooking and baking. =)


  8. That is so funny! My boyfriend and his friends plan on getting mustache tattoos on their fingers, so it made me smile when I saw this post :)

    I have two tatoos myself. One is a cross w/ a small design on either side on my lower back and the other is on top of my foot…a heart/music symbol in one and below it Ephesians 5:19.
    I have plans for a couple more. I love tatoos but I think they should have a meaning or special memory behind them.

  9. WOW! so many of you have meaningful tattoos… I would love to see pictures of all of them…the wave, stack of books, 4 little colorful stars…so cool :) Thank you for sharing!!!

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  11. I do not have a single tattoo…mostly because I am a chicken. My husband, on the other hand, has a bunch and they all mean something and play off of the other tattoos he has. For our anniversary next year, we will be getting our wedding bands tattooed…we were supposed to get them done right after we were married, but as I said…I am a chicken. So hopefully after 2 years of being married (and planning this tattoo since I was 14 years old), I will have the courage :)

    Kara @ Mine for the Making

  12. I've been wanting one for a while now, but I'm still looking for the perfect design. I won't get one until I find it.

  13. Well, I don’t have tattoos. I love them on others though, I always look for them and I really like ink’d people. But I am not sure about myself, I am 20 and I am afraid that few years in the future I would suddenly think “heck, that was a stupid idea”. Well, the tattos have to MEAN something, that’s for sure. But I still say the most awesome one I’ve seen was in Glasgow, this one guy had his wholle arm tattooed in Marvel superheroes: capt America, Rogue and Gambit. And they were drawn in the most fantastic way, like if taken staright from the cover <3
    Awesome <3

    Actually the two ideas I have for tattoo for myself, not sure though if to make them or not is a little black cat behind an ear – I just love those animals, and the second one, a little single question mark on my arm. But not as big as on the photos above, something really small and subtle. I am a writer and a bookworm so it'd symbolise this part of my life :)

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