Creating Really Awesome Free Trips: Nantucket Island

If you check out C.R.A.F.T. facebook, you might recall my play by play status updates (at the end of July) including 4 hours of delays, 3 airports, a deplaning, Smashburger, air tran traffic, lost bags, and minty nails :) — Thank you to everyone who responded to those posts…it was great entertainment while frolicking through airports.

I was on my way home from Nantucket Island. Nantucket Island was beautiful, and totally worth the 14 hour- slightly tortuous- trip home…Tina, my BFF in NYC, is the mastermind vacation planner. Tina, me and 2 other girls travel a lot together. Occasionally, we let boys come :) This trip we had a total of 7 (including one adorable 9 year old!)

Here are 5 fun, free, family friendly things to do in Nantucket…

TIP: If you like waves (like us!) then you want to swim on the Atlantic side, if you don’t love waves, then the North side, the Nantucket Sound, is for you! 

FUN FACT: Nantucket is an island, a county, and a town. It is the only place in America with the same name for all three…find more fun facts HERE :) 

Nantucket is the red island, south of Cape Cod…

File:Nantucket ma highlight.png

#1: Cisco Beach

This was our favorite, and the one we kept going back to. There is a lifeguard on duty, the waves are fun, a surf school in an old school VW van, and even an icecream truck!

The whole crew- minus me taking the picture :)

#2: Jetties Beach

I think this one is another fun option for kids because there is a playground, restaurant, and even public tennis courts. And if you go in the early evening you can take pictures in the lifeguard stand :) It is also just a short bike ride from town. 

#3: Walk around town
We stayed on Liberty street which is a just a 3 minute walk to town. Actually if you take the first left in the picture below, that’s Liberty St. It was fun to come home from the beach, take a shower, and just wander around the town.  The cobble stone streets have an interesting whaling history, but are NOT good for heels :)

Trying to figure out why things are where they are like this metal loop in the brick… we decided it was to tie up a horse :)

 Walk down to the marina…

A really cute furniture store on Main Street… loved these over sized knobs! They remind me of spools of thread (I’m on the look out for old, wooden spools of thread!!)

Take a walk down Easy St :)

#4: Nantucket Red’s
They call it brick red (I’d call it coral!) but, all the boys (old and young) wear them. We walked into Murray’s Toggery in town and found this… rows and rows of Nantucket red’s! The sales lady was very nice, and said they ship them all over the world… I even own a pair of “Nantucket red’s” from gap (they are at least 5 years old)… I guess I am cool :) It’s fun to learn the history behind trends!

Here is a fun video about the history of Nantucket Reds… what a trend he started :) 


I even loved those wine barrel trashcans in town :) Nantucket recycles! 

A must see sunset venue :)  

I highly recommend Nantucket :) It’s all the good stuff rolled into one little island! Be sure to have an ice cream at the Juice Bar, have a lobster at the lobster trap, and visit the whale museum!
Thank you, Tina, for all of your hard work and planning :) 

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Creating Really Awesome Free Trips: Branson, MO

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Branson, MO has been on my list of places to visit for a long time now. If I would have seen this offer in the summer, I would have totally taken a road trip. According to google maps, Branson is only 628 miles from Austin (10 hours!). Maybe a 4 day weekend will do :) So, when I saw this offer available through Social Spark, I decided to pre plan my next vacation and possibly yours…
Table Rock Lake

1: Currently at the Hiltons of Branson you can get the 3rd night free, 2 adult and 2 kids silver dollar city passes, a $25 shopping gift card, and a $25 food credit at the Steakhouse at the HIlton. They call this the best value package :) 

2: The silver dollar city “combines the wholesome family fun of a major theme park with the timeless appeal of crafts and a dedication to preserving 1880s Ozarks culture.” There are over 100 craftsmen and women in the park including (what I think would be my favorites)… the glass cutter and candy maker! They demonstrate all day long :)

3: Visit one of Branson’s Branson’s 3 pristine lakes: Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake. All three lakes are part of the White River waterway, which is known for world-class fishing and water activities.

4: I want to  check out the Table Rock Dam. It reaches 252 feet above the river bed, is 6,423 feet in length, and has 10 Spillway Crest Gates. There is a fish hatchery with TONS of fish and you can feed them too. You can even take a FREE tour and learn about how dams generate electricity

5: Take a swim at Moonshine beach… this is the only sand swim beach on Table Rock Lake. it has a playground, picnic tables, and it’s FREE :)
    Moonshine Beach
    What other fun, free things are there to do in Branson, MO? It looks like there are TONS of show, theaters, and golf courses to keep a family entertained for weeks. Have you ever been to Branson, MO?

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