Sparkly Ring Finger

If you follow C.R.A.F.T. on facebook, you already heard the big news!


The BF and I are getting hitched and moving to the Sunshine State! Crazy, right? We’re still trying to take it all in. The BF FIANCEE got a new job in Florida and we will be moving in 2012. It’s exciting/nerve racking/stressful, but every time I catch a sparkle from my left ring finger… I get giddy all over again. We’ve been twice to check out the place… I even held an alligator:

Jamie dorobek from C.R.A.F.T.
We will live minutes from this…
ft. lauderdale, fl beach
The words “new apartment” have me pretty excited too! The crispy white walls are calling screaming my name. They’re sad and who can blame ’em! No paint, pictures, paper, frames. They need me! They can’t wait to be painted, sprayed, and nailed! Take a look below. I’ve got lots of ideas brewing! We’ve been apartment hunting… here’s one we like…
Jamie Dorobek from C.R.A.F.T.
We are moving to Florida and getting married. Yep, it’s true. Any bloggers in South Florida need a new friend?  Anyone need a pretty little condo in South Austin or how about a 3-year old Basset couch or kitchen table with 4 pretty chairs? The condo is on the market ladies (and gentlemen)! And seriously if you live in Austin, and want any of the big stuff you see in the house tour…  make me an offer! We will most likely be moving to a one bedroom.
Here is the sparkle! I sent the BF a little “hint hint” e-mail months ago, he took the hint (I’m still a little shocked, he does not like to be told what to do!) I LOVE it. This was the original “hint hint”:
thin band engagement ring

Here’s the real deal!

Let’s move onto the big question I’ve been hearing a lot lately: WHEN IS THE CRAFTY, DIY, WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA going to happen?!

I hope no one is disappointed, BUT I’ve never dreamed of a big fancy white wedding. It’s true. The idea sounds nice in theory… Y’all know how much I love a pretty invite, DIY bunting or the idea of a “Sew in love” wedding shower, my sister even mentioned a “Teas and Trees” theme!  But, when I think about reality (I’m a logical, thrifty human by nature…I can’t help it!) I think about my full time job, principal internship, grad school (graduate in December!), C.R.A.F.T., moving, selling the house… a wedding kind of freaks me out. Not to mention the idea of walking down an aisle with everyone staring at you… that makes me nervous too.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like attending other peoples weddings or even helping other brides plan and search out cuteness. But, for me…I just want to be happily, peacefully, married. Sweet and simple. (I would like a cute picture or 2!) Anyone know of a good, fun, creative photographer in South Florida? (I think that is where the official knot tying will happen…?)

In lieu of the big ol wedding we I have a few ideas (that might involve a little DIY):
1: A celebration of love at my parents ranch in my hometown. Picnic style, casual, and without a ceremony. Mason Jars, quilts, picnic tables, wild flowers, burlap, candlelight, lawn games. It sounds fun, but when you really think about details…we would need bathrooms, electricity, music, picnic tables, food, basically everything would have to brought on site. PROS: cuteness galore, Annie in charge with lots of help from my mom (both very crafty), lots of blog material CONS: expensive, no rain plan, the invite list could easily get out of hand being in my hometown. 
2: Andy and I get married in the courthouse, I like this one in Georgetown, TX.  After we are officially married inside, we walk out to a small group of our closest friends and family and celebrate with a yummy dinner down the street at Monument Cafe. PROS: Small, sounds simple enough CONS:  possibly expensive, the invite list (our immediate families alone =11)
This is the cuteness of Georgetown…

3: A few small celebration all over the place… Officially get married in a pretty courthouse all by ourselves in Florida after we move… then celebrate in the hometown with family, Austin with friends, NYC with my girls, and maybe, just maybe a little dinner in Florida with our 4 friends there. (This one might be winning right now!) PROS: no planning, easy CONS:This sounds stress free, right?!

4: Elope and go somewhere fun, just the 2 of us. Find a justice of peace to marry us in a pretty field with flowers, a big tree, and a cupcake or 2.  Somewhere in California, Oregon, Nashville, Vermont… ohh maybe the Sequoia National Forrest? PROS: easy, simple, just us CONS: No celebration with friends and family

5: Get married at the free chapel in Austin, Chapel Dulcinea. It’s pretty and conveniently located for most of our friends. Have lunch at the Salt Lick! PROS: FREE chapel and use of pavilion, relatively inexpensive, sweet, simple and Austin-y CONS: chapel gets booked quick, would have to be done before we move (which we are unsure of the date at the moment)

Photo Credits: Peacock Photography

Anyway it happens the end result = together forever… which makes me happy! At the moment, we aren’t too concerned with the process…

What was your wedding like? What you do it differently today? Are a wedding person? Are you not a wedding person? What do you think of my 5 options? I’d love to hear…

*Update: We got hitched! Lots more on that herePart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, thank you cardschanging your last name, and the super simple wedding scrapbook. And we’re expecting our first bambino!


  1. How exciting! Congratulations! I'm in Miami and love it here. I can't wait to see your wedding planning.

  2. yay yay yay!!! Congrats Jamie! Your ring is gorgeous! :)) I like ideas 1 and 5. Whatever you pick it will turn out beautiful.

    Our wedding was in our church and then reception at a country club. It was pretty stress free.. I was all about my dress and the CAKE! :) Cant wait to see what ya'll will do for the big day! Congrats again!

  3. Congratulations, you make a gorgeous couple!

    The ring is beautiful, you have so many ideas for the wedding, all sound perfect in their own way!

  4. Congrats that's exciting!

  5. Firstly CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It sounds like you are in for a very exciting time, a wedding and then moving. Hope it all goes well.
    I had my wedding in a park with all my family around and then we went to the local scout hall and had a barbeque and salads.
    I got all my friends to bring a salad or a dessert and a couple of friends cooked the barbeque and provided other hot food.
    Finally my mum made an ice-cream cake for the children (mostly eaten by the over 18 year olds) and another friend made the cake and then paid to have it decorated for a wedding gift. The day was perfect, lovely and totally stress free.
    Although I love the idea of the courthouse the one in the photos is lovely!!!
    Why not go there and then have a picnic in the park – much cheaper and easier to have all your friends without having to decide who you can and can't have there.
    Can't wait to hear all about your plans, very exciting and I hope the move goes smoothly too.

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHH sooooo exciting! CONGRATULATIONS & thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Congratulations!! However you do it, your wedding day will be special. We got married at the courthouse, then had a reception at my parents house… very small, just family and a few friends. I did not want a big "to do" either, so I know how you feel :)

  8. congrats! my friend just got married at the Chapel Dulcina and it was AMAZING. her pictures are stunning, like nothing I have ever seen before. They definitely wanted something very Austiny and they got it! good luck! we are excited to follow you on your journey!

  9. Congrats!!! As a Florida blogger, I welcome you to the sunshine state! It's def not as cool/hip as the Austin (or I guess it is, but in a totally different way) scene, but it has its perks.

    The ring is beautiful and I can't wait to see how the wedding turns out!

  10. Congratulations!! I loved your post! My husband and I met in Austin while I was working in Georgetown! I had breakfast at the Monument almost EVERY morning…Rusty would bring out different egg dishes for me to try! Love that he filled in the parking lot! Where ever you decide to be married will be PERFECT for you…good luck with everything!

  11. Congratulations! Being married is awesome :) Have fun getting things ready, and also, that ring is gorgeous!

  12. Thank you, everyone, for your excitement :) 2 Flordia bloggers out there…YAY!

  13. Congrats!!! I'm engaged too, such a fun time! Whatever you decide to do I'm sure will be great. Enjoy this time :)

  14. First off, congratulations!! Getting engaged is so exciting!

    We also wanted to keep it small scale- keep the cost down. I DIY'd almost everything in our wedding- with the help of my sisters.
    We had a small intimate ceremony in my parent's backyard- just immediate family and then a couple hours later we had a 300 person reception at my parent's house.
    It was a lot of work but it was worth it!

    I would recommend just following your heart- don't worry about what others think about what you guys want to do for your wedding. That being said, one of my favorite parts of the wedding was being able to see all the people who I love and loved me there to celebrate my special day!

    Good luck with your planning and I look forward to seeing the DIY goodness -if you go that route :)

  15. Yo, gurl, that's some 'blingity-blang".

    The one piece of advice I didn't get…DO WHAT YOU AND YO' BO WANT TO DO… It's a day that you will treasure without measure… It only takes two to get married..well, I guess you need the JP too…

    When it's ovah, it's ovah, and NO ONE ELSE has to wish they could have done it diff-er-unt-ly but the two 'o you…

  16. Hi! Been quietly nosying at your blog for a couple of weeks, but now need to say YAY CONGRATULATIONS! Recently engaged myself, I am starting to plan the world's thriftiest wedding for 2013.

    Just have fun with it, because you'll never please everyone! Hope for some wedding craft updates soon :)

    Lu Xx

  17. Congratulations Jamie!! I've been faithfully reading you blog for several months now (Love it!) but this is my first comment here.

    I'm excited for your big move and your wedding, it will be fun to read your details.

    I just happened to post on my blog today about when we were planning for our AWESOME private Key West beach wedding, I had as much fun planning it out as I did on my actual wedding day!

    Here's the post:

    Tomorrow I will have a post about how it all came together, and I have to admit it turned out fabulous!

    Congrats again Jamie! Have fun with the planning!

  18. Congrats! That is fabulous news.

    I planned a big (fancy) wedding and, while it was an amazing day, part of me thinks I would have rather done something much smaller. You know…save some money, keep the stress level low, etc. I am sure whataver you choose to do will be fabulous!

  19. Congratulations! Beautiful ring! I love that you're doing what makes YOU happy– no need to have some huge party if it will stress you out! The really important part is that you're spending the rest of your life with someone you love. :-)

  20. I wanted to do a very small wedding, too, but we had to satisfy both sides of the family. If I could do it anyway I wanted, the hubs and I would have done it in a small [free] chapel and had a wonderful dinner with our closest friends/fam. Just don't be afraid to be selfish because everyone will have their opinions! It is all about the celebration of love!

  21. congratulations!

    you will LOVE living in florida and getting married there!

    the best wedding photographer I have seen in awhile is based out of south florida, her name is rebecca hood, she and her husband make up kallima photography. give them a google and fall in love!

  22. Awww That is so awesome! Congrats!!! I just got engaged in August and I am sure you are on cloud 9!! I still am! I bet your wedding will be beautiful and nothing but good thoughts and lots of cheer your way :)

  23. Thank you for the photographer suggestion! Congratuations to Jesy and Luisa :)

  24. and Rebecca :) It's so fun to say fiance…isn't it?!

  25. First of all, congratulations! This is such a fun time, when all the options are open and you can dream. I also think your wedding will be awesome, you have a crafter's heart and everything will show that!

    We got engaged and married in Gulf Shores, AL, where the beaches are. "Sugar white sand" is the best description, I've never seen sand like it anywhere else. We rented a huge beach-house (9 bedrooms, slept like 25 people or so) and had a weekend wedding–family and friends came from all over for the weekend, we partied Friday, married Saturday on the deck, huge bonfire on the beach that night, said goodbye on Sunday and then we had the whole place to ourselves for a honeymoon.
    It was perfect–literally, everything was perfect! I was never a Bridezilla type either, and all of our friends and family still say (almost ten years later) that it was the best wedding they'd ever been to!

    It was relaxed and fun and we'd do everything all over again the exact same way…well, kind of. The house we were married at got severely damaged during Hurricane Ivan, it broke our hearts. They've rebuilt it, but it's got a very different look to it now, and even with the upgrades (including a pool!) we'd probably not choose the same house–heck, I doubt we could afford it, a pool makes the price go sky-high :)

    Ours was perfect for us, and I'm sure yours will be perfect for you two also. Good luck!

  26. You can elope, and then have a big party and surprise everyone with a reception party.. you could take a video of your actual marriage part and start the party with a movie 😉

  27. oh my word CONGRATULATIONS! The ring is GORGEOUS!!!

    I love options 1, 4 & 5 off the list…but obviously do what the two of you want!!! Don't let other people try to convince you to do something you aren't thrilled about!! :)

  28. Huge congratulations! And that ring is gorgeous! The best weddings are the ones that really reflect the style and personality of the couple, so just think of it as a party and plan the party that you would love the best!

  29. One of my closest friends is a wedding photog. She lives in California, but has traveled as far as Ireland to shoot a wedding. She does FUN, incredible work. Even if you don't end up choosing her as your photographer, you should check out her blog for some incredible inspiration.
    Here is a link:


  30. CONGRATULATIONS!! You guys look so happy!!!

  31. Congratulations! So exciting! I totally relate about walking down the aisle with everyone watching; so couldn't do it! When my day comes I want a very simple ceremony under a tree with our very closest friends hanging out around us then a very DIY party on the beach :)

    I also MUST know where you got that fabulously adorable yellow flower button down shirt you are wearing in the 'gator shot.

  32. The button down shirt is from Old Navy clearance rack years ago! Ranza, I like that idea :)

  33. Jamie,

    Yay! I am so happy for you guys! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  34. I'm getting married next Friday! We are getting married at the local courthouse with immediate family in attendance (my parents will be our witnesses), and then afterwards we will relax back at our house until it's time to go to a restaurant for dinner. Everyone is paying for their own meals, and then I'm putting on cake and dessert back at our house. For some strange reason I thought it would be a good idea to make our wedding cake lol.

  35. Congrats!! Your ring is gorgeous! Where in South Florida are you moving to? I live in the panhandle. We just moved back here from Texas as well :)

  36. Congrats!!! I didn't know you where in Austin, I grew up there and am now in SA!

  37. Congrats!!! I think you should do #5 if there's time. That chapel is darling, simple and your closest friends could be there to celebrate with you!! If timing doesn't work, then I like combining #'s 2 & 4: Elope somewhere romantic/fun for the two of you and then come back and celebrate at your convenience with friends and family. Like you said, no matter what the end result is you're together! So happy for you my friend! Good luck with all your plans!! :) xo, Reannah

  38. Congratulations Jamie!!!! My daughter just got engaged too and will be married this April! It must be the year for beautiful brides!
    Best wishes with everything!
    Susan @ homeroad


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