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If you’ve been reading for any length of time,  you know I love a good cheesy saying! Remember my giant list of 100+ clever valentines day sayings? Or my M&M (Magnificent Mama) printable for mama? Well, I’m at it again, but this time for social media events. Remember this post about TreeHouse? Well, here’s the low down on social media event planning. You must have Tweet Tarts and Insta Grahams. Yep, that’s it! As long as you have both treats, and 10-20 guests your social media event will be a success! OK fine, you need a few more things… food is good, tasty beverages, prizes, a hashtag, and of course an awesome schedule of that everyone will want to share!

Social Media event planning

The social media treats are super easy to make, all you need is:


Now, all you do is fill your small treat bags with either Sweet Tarts or Teddy Grahams. Then, print the free printable and cut each one out. Fold the printable over the top of the zip lock bag and staple. Botta bing, botta boom… you’re ready to get social!

Social media event planning

They’re fun and easy to make, taste yummy, and people love to give these bad boys shout outs! Which is exactly what you want when your planning a social media event! See, Allison, did:

Social Media Event Planning

My first versin of Tweet Tarts was just a “T” I cut out of paper and glued to the top of a Sweet Tart box. Easy peasy, but a lots more expensive!

Social media event planning

Here are the free printables one more time:

Have you ever atended a tweet up or blogger event? Or any other kind of social media function? They’re fun! You get to meet the people you hang out with online or blog stalk… whatever suits your fancy! Happy tweeting and instgraming! Oh and follow C.R.A.F.T. on twitter and instagram if you’d like!


  1. These were so CUTE at the event you hosted last month. Thanks for the printables. I’m gonna copy. :) Lisa~


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