Snowman craft round up {winter craft}

Cure the winter blues with a few festive winter crafts (and let the kids help)! You can make these cute little guys from just about anything… socks, rocks, bubble wrap, fishbowls… you can even turn your fridge into a snowman! Here are 48 easy snowman projects for your winter crafting blues. you can make from things you already have on hand!

48 Snowman crafts out of things like socks, rocks, and gum! 


1. Pumpkins

2. Fish bowls

Winter craft

3. Paper loop ornament

4. Styrofoam cubes

5. Paper mache 

6. Paper plates

7. Toilet paper tube

8. Paint stick

9. Clothespin

10. Ruler

11. Shredded paper

12. Bags of shredded paper

winter craft

13. Punchbowl

14. Rocks

winter craft

15. Twine

16. Cheese

17. Yarn ball

18. Hollow yarn ball

19. Cake pops

20. Spools

21. 2×4

22. Hot glue

23. CD

Winter craft

24. 2 Liter bottle

25. Golf ball

26. Fan folded paper

27. Socks

Winter craft

28. Stacked boxes

29. Soap dispencer

30. PVC pipe

31. Yarn pom pom’s

Winter craft

32. White chocolate

33. Origami

34. Vases

35. Popsicle stick

36. Book pages

winter craft


37. Doilies

38. Bubble wrap

39. Refrigerator

40. Mini refrigerators

41. Buttons

Winter craft


42. Gum

43. Icecream

44. Fingerprints

45. Dryer Vents

Winter craft

 46. T-shirt

47. Embroidery hoop

48. Vine wreaths

Living in South Florida, I definitely need to whip up some snowmen to make it feel like winter down here! I found a fun snowman magnet set for your fridge on Amazon, if you’re not feeling crafty! After hunting down all of these snowmen crafts, I think it would be really fun to throw a snowman party. You could have a few crafts projects set up for kids and adults. How fun would that be! Have you made any snowman lately? I’d love to hear…





  1. Hi Jamie! :) I noticed that that paper plate snowman is linked to a blog that copied it without permission. Here’s the correct link I know because I made it :) Thanks!

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