Snail Mail

No denying getting real mail is fun. A handwritten note… a PACKAGE!  It makes my day!  I TRY to always send b-day, thank you, and feel better cards… I TRY to make them handmade. It works out about 50% of the time :) Here are 3 of my latest creations:

The band aided turtle was for a friend going through a break up… I saw a version of this card at Target (I think?) I doodled the little turtle, cut him out, and used think double sided sticky tape on card stock (you know, to make him look like he is popping off the card). I used my PSA stamps to make the background more festive…

I used double sided sticky tape to make the turtle pop off of the page :)

The  inside of the card read, ” It’s not the speed that matters… It’s the getting there.”

Remember the group gift for Bethany’s wedding… the wedding card was hand delivered with the gift from all of the bridesmaids. I used PSA stamps for this one too :)

I used the thin colored sharpies to color in the stamps… the giant ring (on the card) is a bangle. The other giant ring was a hint from a friends mom before the BF got it together :)

The tiny little toilet paper tube package was for my sister’s birthday. It was late… oopsie :) The lady at the post office said there was a chance it wouldn’t make it. It made it! I wrapped the empty tp roll in oil cloth from a recent craft fail! I ended up using the elmers craft bond glue dots for the ends of the tp roll.

Do you still send snail mail? Do you love getting letters and packages as much as me? Are you card maker? Do you love looking at cards at Target? Do you have a favorite card you like to re make again and again? I’d love to hear… or see your creations…
p.s. Here are more snail mail ideas and envelopes :)


  1. I love snail mail! I get excited when I see the post man. I send packages to family in Michigan and Georgia.. Ill have to use some of these cute ideas!


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