Shari’s Berries {+ a giveaway!}

Note: This post is sponsored by Shari’s Berries. All taste buds (and opinions) are my own!

Check out this yumminess:

Sharis Berries

Those, my friends, are cake pops that I did not make. That tasty one you’re staring at is a cookies n’cream cake pop with Oreo® Cookies. (Andy’s fave!) I wish I was this talented. Really, I do. I want to bake, and have Andy tell me what an amazing baker I am. But, alas you can’t be amazing at everything, right? 😉 I’m just happy to know that I can order these puppies up from Shari’s Berries at a moments notice and have them shipped anywhere in 1-2 days! They have tons of variety and they come fresh to your door step. Perfect for gifts, special occasions, or just a yummy treat at home! Check out this cuteness:

Sharis Berries

Those are brownie pops! They’re fudgy-ier and richer than cake pops! And those animals kill me. Maxwell might need a Zoo birthday! You know I like to keep things simple, so I just grabbed some brightly colored pom pom’s and a white cake stand and voila, I’m so fancy! The cake pops come with sticks in them and they stand perfectly. So, I really did just un wrap each cake pop from it’s plastic wrapper and stick it on the cake stand. 

Sharis Berries

Check out this impressive packaging to ensure freshness at your doorstep:

1. The cardboard box is basically an insulated cooler.

2. That’s an icepack that was way cold when I opened the box.

3. The actual goodies are wrapped up cute with a card!

Sharis Berries


Maxwell wants a treat. Maybe on your one year birthday, bud! Shari’s Berries also sells chocolate covered strawberries, yum!

Sharis Berries

In cake pop land, there are tons of yummy flavors: red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter with Reese’s®, and cookies n’cream with Oreo® Cookies. You’re looking at a vanilla cake pop and one of the animal brownie pops! Both make me drool, ha!

Sharis Berries


Speaking of birthday parties, cake pops make serving and clean up a cinch! Here’s a cute video about cake pop envy:

Cake pops would make a great gift too… unexpected and delicious for any occasion!

Sharis Berries

Want cake pops at your door fo’ free! Enter below to win $100 worth of Shari’s Berries!

Sharis Berries

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Note: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Shari’s Berries.

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  1. they are soooooooo goooood:)

  2. They look delicious.

  3. They’re the perfect portion size!

  4. I was actually kinda against the whole cake pop idea until I had one. They’re so moist and delicious. Plus, since the frosting is hardened, you don’t have to worry about travel with them.

  5. Because they are yummy deliciousness and I don’t feel guilty for eating a tiny portion!

  6. This look amazing! I love how carefully they’re packed for shipping.

  7. Why do I love them? Cuz they are fun to eat, the perfect size (so I don’t pig out) and can be made ahead of time for any event!

  8. valerie bailey says:

    Perfect size and convenience! So so yummy!!!

  9. Cake pops are so pretty and they’re cake, I love it!

  10. Uhhhh, because they’re YUMMY!

  11. So many design options you can choose with these delicious little things – I love getting creative while making some delicious, thanks for the post!

  12. Jen smith says:

    Cake pops are too cute not to eat!!!

  13. They are small and so yummy!

  14. Nicole B. says:

    I’ve haven’t had the chance to try Shari’s Berries before, but I have heard good things! The cake pops look delicious and a great bite size portion. Besides, you can always have more than one!

  15. Constance W. says:

    What a sweet giveaway! The pics look so tasty. I’d love to win!

  16. Seriously, who doesnt love anything on a stick. Make mine cake anyday!

  17. I typically don’t like cake pops, but those brownie pops sound simply delicious!!!

  18. I love that you don’t have to have a whole slice of cake, but still don’t have to deny yourself the indulgence of having cake – with a Cake Pop. I like all the varieties offered by Sharis Berries.

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