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3 Tricks Thursday (bracelets, junk drawer, Calphalon)

3 tricks Thursday only happens when I collect 3 tricks, which sometimes takes months!  I’ve finally got 3 good ones for ya. (see more tricks here)


Bracelets. I’ve collected lots of bracelets and recently started wearing them all at once. I like to call it a wrist party. The trick is that it nicely camouflages my hairband that I always carry on my wrist. I’m like a kid with a blankie, I need a hair band with me at all times. It’s windy here  in FL, and I don’t like hair in my food.
See, works like a charm! Where’s the hair tie (or hair_____)?  I’ve been into my hex nut bracelet lately!
*I also wanted to tell you about the macrame friendship bracelets on my wrist… I wear them all the time. They come from a non profit called the Macrame Project. If you need a unique gift or just want a cute piece of arm candy for yourself check them out! I got mine for free, but they’re cute and it’s for a good cause. Oh and they have the perfect slip knot to allow the bracelet to go on and off your wrist whenever you please.—–


Junk Drawer. In our Austin condo we had a lovely little junk drawer (part 1 & part 2). Seriously, it was my favorite kitchen drawer.  Here in FL, we have one drawer in the kitchen and silverware got it.  We had to buy a new silverware caddy because our old one was too big for the drawer. This left us with a perfectly good homeless wooden caddy. She now lives under the dresser in the kitchen and holds the old junk drawer very nicely.

Calphalon. This is more of a tip than a trick. I mentioned it on C.R.A.F.T. facebook back when it happened because I was so impressed with their customer service. Basically, if anything goes wrong with your Calphalon pan, just fill out the online form, pay to send it back and they will send you a brand new pan. (more on the Calphalon warranty info) Pretty awesome. Non stick wearing away is worthy of sending it back.

Any good tricks in your neck of the woods? Do own Calphalon pans? Do you need a hair band with you at all times?