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30 Rocks

Yesterday, I told y’all about the birthday cake catastrophe… today is all about the party details :) I wanted to do a theme party… dressing up is fun and makes for cute pictures :) 30 rocks seemed like a good idea…and since the boys were born in 1981, I thought we could all dress up like 80’s rock stars. Come to find out, 30 year old boys think that’s cheesy.  Do you think that’s a cheesy theme? I’ll have to do it for my own 30th! I made this cute invite that did not get used:

Any who, I ended up taking the easy route with a pre made evite. Super simple :) I was inspired on the evite website with a little ad for personalized M&M;’s. Did you know you can get people’s faces printed on M&M;’s? I had to try it out and I found a 10% off coupon code here. It was a splurge, but for $52.60 you get to add 2 pictures and 2 phrases to the M&M;’s. You can pick your color combo too. And they come 20 packets to an order in these festive little pouches, perfect for personalized party favors. (This is not a sponsored post, I’m just obsessed with pictures of my friends on M&M;’s!)

I found plastic table cloths and plates at Target on sale! Come to think of it, that is why I ended up with the color scheme… the yellow table cloths and orange plates were on sale… The blue plates were a crazy $2 splurge :)

I made a festive banner out of card stock, twine, and the good ol Silhouette.

Call me a dork if you want, but I made color coordinated confetti with a hole punch :)  I had a handy button bug laying around and stuck all of my confetti in there… I kind of like personalized confetti :) Confetti makes everything better!

I also made these little balloons from the book, Micro Crafts. I used left over fake wedding rings from an old project… straightened them with the contraption you see in the picture then used a glue dot to attach the hand cut balloon shape to the silver piece. I stuck them in all the treats on the goodie tray.

Here are the balloons before I added highlights with a sharpie…

Here is my really fancy highlight addition (with my super fun M&M;’s!)

Here is the whole sha-bang:
Cake balls as cupcake toppers :) That was a happy accident, I just did not have enough room for all the blue balls (ha! I can’t believe I just wrote that, I’m so mature!)

 me… getting the party started!

Burfday boy and my BFF :)

The birthday boys special cupcakes :)

The toppers turned into hair pieces for 2 ladies we did not know…

What did you or are you going to do for your 30th b-day? Did you know you could get pictures on M&M;’s? Is 30 Rocks a cheesy theme?

p.s. cutting rice crispie treats with a buttered knife works wonders.

Baby Shower: Personalized Confetti

I must admit I kind of love confetti. And glitter and lip gloss and fried okra…I could go on and on. Confetti makes everything festive. And personalized anything is extra fun. Don’t you think personalized M&M;’s are much more appealing than regular M&M;’s?  All you need for this fun little project is a Silhouette and card stock! It’s super simple.

 Does anybody else’s Silhouette not like to make e’s…or this is just me? It only makes an e the first time I open the program and then I have to copy and paste…weird, right? Anyhow, fill up the entire page with words you want as confetti, like this:

A few tips: 
– The bigger the letters the less work it is too peel them out of the card stock (I think 80 is a good font size)
– I might do capital letters next time only because they are much easier to peel out. The lower case e’s and a’s are kind of a pain in the butt
– The table below is just 2 sheets of card stock. A little goes a long way

Does anybody else have a confetti obsession? love lip gloss? (I have a new favorite lip gloss: Sugar rose by fresh) Do you think personalization makes anything better? Spill the beans folks :)

New Cushions and Silhouette March Promo

I’ve always been a scissors and glue kind of crafter… gadgets aren’t my thing. I’m not a direction follower, don’t often use rulers, and always make up my own patterns. Since the arrival of “Ettie”…I have seriously turned a new leaf. Not to say I don’t get frustrated at the start of a new project or have to re-cut something 3 times because I don’t measure.  Today, I actually even opened the online Silhouette manual, and discovered a really neat trick…OK, fine the BF is the one that ultimately figured it out…but I get an E for effort.

Meet Ettie:

TRICK: You can delete any part of an image. Did you guys know this?!

It is super helpful when you are trying to simplify a cut. For instance, I was using this image:

I love the design, but needed 6 of them. It was taking me forever to peel away the extra heat transfer material with all of the tedious cuts. So, after making 2 large ones…I decided to delete parts of the design.

Here is what you do:

 There are actually 2 magic buttons…the group and the ungroup. First, use the arrow to make a box around the entire object. Go to object and click ungroup. Your image will look like the above picture. Then you can go about deleting whatever you want! You can see that I deleted the 2nd row of tiny triangles and the 3 triangles between the arrow head shapes.

Once you delete what you want…you will have to regroup the image to make copies.

 Fun trick, huh? Now onto why lovely new cushions…

Here is what I’m working with:

Here is the fabulous Silhouette product I used :
[This comes free is you purchase the Silhouette package with the code: CRAFTBLOG]

I followed the directions on the smooth heat transfer package…this is the hardest part of the process and why I was so excited to learn about TRICK :)

Ironing the designs on the cushions:

and here is the finished product :)

I’m lovin’ them :) What do you think? 

Now, you really want a Silhouette, right? Well you’re in luck…
For $229, you can get:

-Silhouette SD
– 1 roll of fabric interfacing: clean cut
– 1 roll of fabric interfacing: sewable  
-1 roll of white flocked heat transfer material (This is what I used to make my cushions except I used smooth instead of flocked)

Just click HERE and use the code: CRAFTBLOG when you check out!


Here is what your shopping cart will look like:

What is the difference between clean cut and sewable interfacing?

SEWABLE: Has a thinner adhesive allowing you to temporarily iron your cutout designs to your project while you sew or stitch them. Contains 17″ x 36″ of interfacing.

CLEAN CUT: Has a stronger adhesive for a cleaner cut and less fraying over time. Use clean cut interfacing for projects that don’t need to be washed or that can be hand-stitched.

Everyone wants to know… What  can a Silhouette do?
In my opinion, it can assist in ALL crafty projects.

Scrapbook pages, cards, custom clothes, vinyl designs for your walls,  temporary tattoos, paper crafts, personalized art work, it can even sketch designs [just replace blade with sketch tool]

*The possibilities are e n d l e s s ! Check out the Silhouette blog for tons more ideas. 
*Click HERE to see all of my posts about the Silhouette machine. 


If you already have a wonderful Silhouette Machine …

Use the code CRAFTBLOG and get 25% off of ALL fabric interfacing products

from the Silhouette Store

This offer is good until Sunday, March 27th!