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Blog Swap: Atelier Caroline

 I’m really excited that Caroline from Atelier Caroline is here today, AND sharing this awesome tutorial for a herringbone pillow :) Be sure and check out my fun Brownie in a Mug tutorial over at her blog!

Hello C.R.A.F.T. lovers, 

My name is Caroline and I’m a wife, working mom and compulsive crafter. I love to cook, sew and make hand crafted things for my home, family and friends. Creating keeps me sane and happy in an otherwise crazy stressful busy life. Check out my tutorial page for some simple projects that can be tackled in a couple of hours.

I fell into the blogging world a bit by accident a couple of months ago and found a great community and wonderful friends already so I’m happy to be visiting you today and share with you my latest creation: 
Herringbone tucks throw pillows

For a pair of 18×18 pillows you will need:

  • 2 pillow forms 18×18 – I make mine from scratch but you can buy them at any craft store
  • 2 yards of fabric in 44″ wide – I used moleskin because it has a bit of stretch it is very soft and doesn’t wrinkle which is a bonus for throw pillows.
  • Coordinating thread or invisible thread
  • Ruler and fabric marking device – chalk, pencil or marker
  • Sewing machine (best with fence attachment)
  • Scissors, pins and other basic sewing supplies

Remove the selvage then cut your fabric in half lengthwise this will yield 2 long rectangles about 21 inches wide

Tape it to your cutting table with painter’s tape, especially if you use stretchy fabric

Mark a grid 2×2 leaving 6 inches unmarked on one end and 18 on the other end. This is the part where you need to be fussy and precise.

Iron each short line to mark the pleats

Set your sewing machine fence to 1/2 inch

Fold and sew along each pleat

Iron as flat as possible

Sew along the line lengthwise every other line

Iron the pleats in the reverse directions

Sew along the skipped lines

Hem each end

Pin the fabric right side in with the short flat on top of the long flat

Sew the sides leaving 1/2 in sewing allowance

Wash to remove the marks

Put your pillows inside the pillowcases

Put your feet up and enjoy !

C.R.A.F.T. #68: No Sew Skirt

I love to sew… I’m not the best but I have managed a few projects that I actually use. {neck roll out of leggings, pillow case skirt, t-shirt quilt}  Check out the sew label to see more of my sewing attempts. I’m more of clothing revamper then I am a clothing maker!
C.R.A.F.T. #68 is actually a no sew project… 
The BF actually made my skirt while I patched his jeans… Seriously! All you need to find is a good sale, your handy dandy seam riper, and 10 minutes!
I found this dress at a little boutique for 70% off… it cost $6. I knew when I bought it it was too short, but figured for $6, I could work with it since I liked the colors. I know, I know, it looked like a clown costume without the red nose.
BF used the seam ripper and ripped the tank portion off of the skirt…
10 minutes later, I loved my skirt. Have you ever made a no sew skirt?