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How to grow your blog- Part 3

#1: Welcome Note- This takes 30 seconds. Click on your design tab, add a gadget, choose a text gadget, then move the gadget right above the blog posts section.
Here is my welcome note for C.R.A.F.T. :

Sometimes I take the welcome note down to announce other things. I just save this exact note in a draft of an email so I can easily get to it when I want it back and I don’t have to re make the note.

#2: Favicon- I recently did a little favicon tutorial... Just another super simple way to personalize and brand your blog.
#3: Alexa toolbar– I’m hesitant to put this one on the list… Use it nicely and with caution. It validates that what you are doing with your blog is “working” as you see your own score get lower. Basically, Alexa traffic ranks websites based on lots of factors. For instance, here are the top 11 sites according to Alexa:

First, you need to claim your site. Click HERE. You can either add an Alexa Toolbar or go to and enter your blog url.   Find out exactly what comes with the toolbar HERE.This is what the tool bar looks like:

I recently discovered Klout scores. I think it useful to know this kind of information. But, also realize that is just ONE score from ONE site. I get excited when I see it improving, and when it goes down… it encourages me to get my butt back on twitter.

#5: Promoting giveaways- I’ve had a few e-mails about this topic. We all want our giveaways to be successful! When I’m hosting a giveaway, I always link up to these 2 giveaway directories.
#6: Cooperate- Lorie, from Be Different Act Normal said it best when asked what is your number one tip for new bloggers. She said, “Cooperation is going to build your blog 100 times faster than competition!  That is always my answer to that question.  If you are only worried about who has more readers or how to grow your blog than you are going to burn out!  Have fun, blog about what you love, and make friends with other bloggers!” True story. Thanks Lorie!

#7: Search bar- Make sure your blog has one. It will help people find what they are looking for. If you have a blogger blog, you can find it as a gadget. See where it says “search box” (mine says already added!). Just click the plus sign and you’re done-skies. :)

#8: Try and make your blog navigation as simple as possible. The search bar will help, but have a page just dedicated to your tutorials, home tour, projects…make it make sense for YOUR blog. Feel free to use my tab titles if they work for you.  Copying is a form of flattery–that’s what my mom always said when my little sister would borrow my clothes!

#9: Back up your blog. Thank you, Thrifty decor chick. I just recently did this, and it is super easy. Go to settings, basic, export blog. SUPER SIMPLE. I would cry if the blog was gone forever. I like blogging and C.R.A.F.T.

#10: Learn SEO- Search Engine Optimization. I know, I know… it sounds boring and technical. I am NOT an expert, but I’ve been trying to read more about it. I found the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors to be a very useful first start. Here is another great What is SEO? article.

These are just tips and tid bits I have learned along the way. In the end, blogging should be FUN! If you’re having fun reading, sharing, growing, meeting bloggers… then all the time and energy is worth it!  As always, leave any questions you have in the comment section and I will do my best to answer!