My Salsa Garden

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The salsa garden was actually Andy’s genius! We heart salsa and make this 5 ingredient salsa recipe often.
salsa garden

So, here’s what happened… we bought a house! And now we have a yard, and this weird little raised bed that was overgrown with what I thought were weeds. I instgram-ed a this picture and found out that the tall mini tree looking things are actually lilies, so I saved those suckers. But, everything else I ripped out. The only seeds I could find in our boxes were cilantro seeds, so I planted those. Here’s the jungle on move in day…

Salsa garden


See, I saved the lilies! I did my first transplant. I’ll keep ya updated.

how to make a salsa garden
I just wanted a few herbs and maybe some lettuce when Andy suggested we have a salsa garden… sold! We took a little trip to Home Depot where they had all herb and veggie plants on sale for $2 and I got 3 tomato plants and 2 jalapeño plants for $10. Added them to my already planted cilantro seeds, and bam… we’ve got a salsa garden! Pretty dang excited about that.

And remember how I won a Pennington Smart Feed at BlissDom? Well, I’m putting it to good use today! Pennington launched a new product called the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System. It makes fertilizing easy peasy! I tested out the tomato and veggie tablets on my salsa garden and then gave the lilies some flower and bloom love. salsa garden

Even I can handle this kind of fertilizing. The adjustable sprayer easily attaches to a standard garden hose and ensures proper nutrition for your little plants.


garden 2

Unscrew the spray canister and stick a tablet in the holder and spray. Seriously, easy. 
garden 5

Look at that spray ; ) I’m going to be a salsa making fool in no time!

garden 6

Here’s lots more info on the Pennington Smart Feed System:

Pennington Smart feed

And there are my happy little tomatoes, fertilized, and ready to grow big!garden 7

Have you ever made a garden specific to a recipe? How about a hummus garden? Garbanzo beans, garlic, onions? That could be fun!  Have you used the new Pennington Smart Spray System?

And now for the giveaway! One lucky C.R.A.F.T. reader will win a $50 American Express gift card! One winner will be announced on Monday, April 22! Enter here:

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  1. Elizabeth G. says:

    Greek salad!

  2. I love salsa from a garden!

  3. Meri Cooney says:

    I love this idea! I have actually grown all of these veggies/herbs before but along with others. I love fresh food, especially from your backyard! Let us know is the fertilizer product works. I might have to try that. We tried an organic garden so we made natural/homemade fertilizers and pesticides. Fun stuff :)

  4. My favorite is a simple salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion and Italian dressing and cracked pepper. SO good!

  5. Mary Happymommy says:

    Cobb salad with fresh tomatoes!

  6. Love a fresh salad from the garden! Thanks for the giveaway Jamie!

  7. I like to make guacamole with fresh veggies from my garden

  8. I love using bell peppers for fajita’s!

  9. Jackie Baynard says:

    Mmmmm fresh tomatoes from the garden stuffed with tuna salad !!

  10. Salsa or Caprese Salad!

  11. heather b. says:

    My mom’s pickles!

  12. Brenda Burgess says:

    I love the herbs and fresh greens from the garden.

  13. pico de gallo, guacamole, veggie lasagna, and tacos! =)

  14. Jessie C. says:

    Grilled salmon sandwich with kale and lettuce

  15. Fun! I’m growing some salsa stuff too. My favorite garden recipe is definitely salsa. :)

  16. Nancy Carr says:

    Salsa and salads are my favorite garden goodies.

  17. Alicia B says:

    I LOVE guacamole! YUM!!

  18. I love making fresh salsa from my garden veggies.

  19. Michele T says:

    I have made all sorts of soups!! Yum – I love soup!

  20. Kim Fahrni says:

    Cucumber vinaigrette salad!! YUM

  21. freshly made salsa

  22. I love canning green beans and tomatoes to enjoy all winter.

  23. barbara n says:


  24. I want to make a salad gardeb

  25. I love to make so many things in from the garden, but I think my summertime favorite is a simple caprese salad!

  26. wow. this looks fun to do. :)

  27. I love the idea of growing a small garden plot for a recipe.I suppose what I grow is pasta sauce. I’ve got oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, tomatoes and onions growing. What I need to add is garlic. I love food.

  28. I’m planning on making canning salsa this year (for the first time) so this would be great!

  29. guacamole with fresh lime, cilantro, tomatoes, corn.yum

  30. We grew a salsa garden on our back deck and loved it!!! Enjoy yours this summer, what fun!!

  31. I like fresh green beans

  32. salsa, of course

  33. I love making pesto with fresh basil

  34. veggie lasagna

  35. I love summer pickles.

  36. I love to make homemade salsa and pasta sauce!

  37. I love tomatoes and cucumber salads. Yummy.

  38. Salsa and stuffed peppers!

  39. Laura Jacobson says:

    OH I love to make BLT’s with fresh tomatoes!

  40. Stephanie says:

    My favorite recipe would have to be fruit salsa. Contrary to it’s name, it also includes tomatoes and onions (along with cantaloupe and apples).

  41. Kris Reynolds says:

    Salsa and salads using homegrown ingredients are the best.

  42. fresh salsa!

  43. Harmony B says:

    I make stuffed peppers with my garden peppers

  44. How creative! Fresh salsa is so yummy!

  45. I am a HUGE salsa fan! Maybe it’s my Texas roots ; ) I want to make a garden specifically so I can make a salad, lol. This pregnancy I have craved and craved salad. But we’ll see if I get in my new house in time to plant a garden here. Wisconsin has like the shortest growing season EVER, you can’t plant until June 1st. I’m used to planting practically year round in Houston!


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