Roommate gifts {for camps and conferences}

Most grown women probably don’t regularly share hotel rooms with other grown women they don’t know and need roommate gifts. So, this whole roommate gift thing might sound a little weird to you, but let me explain, I’m a blogger. That’s already pretty weird, right?!  And one of my favorite parts of blogging is meeting other bloggers. So, I attend blog conferences, like Snap, BlissDom, Haven, and Bloogy Boot Camp. And when you go to these conferences, we share hotel rooms with each other to save money and hang out! And your roomies bring you little gifts (I didin’t know this the first time around either!) So, with summer on the way, I decided these silly little roommate gifts might be useful for kids going to summer camps or adults going to conferences, maybe?!
Roommate gifts

I like cheesy sayings. (Here’s a whole list of 100 cheesy sayings I came up with for Valentines Day.) So, I decided for roommate gifts I would bring some essentials and pair it with a fun little saying. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Emergen C packet: Excited to C you all weekend long!
  • Mints: We were mint to be roomies
  • Packet of seeds: Super excited to grow my blog with you
  • Orange: Orange ya glad were roomies? I sure am!
  • Nail polish: Happy to polish up my blog (or other activity) with you
  • Extra gum: I feel extra special to have you as a roomie
  • Any gum: I chews you to be my roomie
  • Star bursts: I’m bursting with happiness that you’re my friend
  • Band aids: Let’s stick together!
  • Chap stick/ lip gloss: Read my lips, I’m happy to be your roommate!
  • Search word book: I searched around and found the very best roommate!
  • Friendship bracelet:  Our room would knot be the same without you
  • Handi wiper: You can count on my when things get sticky
  • Soap: I was soapin’ you’d be my roommie
  • Lottery ticket: I know I’m going to like you a whole lotto!

You can pick and choose which items you want to put together for your roommate(s) based on age and preferences. Then I just used paint chips to write my cheesy notes on and attached with string or a stapler. Easy peasy.


roommate gift


Roomate collage


What do ya think? Cheesy enough for you : ) Maybe this is one of those pin now, you never know when you’re gonna need some clever little roommate gifts! One last thought, these could be fun for freshman in college meeting their new dorm mate!


  1. yay! Love these! Will you be at Haven this year? I’d love to meet you!

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