Rocking horse makeover

Note: This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape brand painter’s tape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The bambino nursery posts started Monday! It’s gonna get crazy, y’all! I’ve got lots of plans over yonder. (I can say yonder, I live in Texas!) Here’s my second ever baby purchase (the 1st was a few international baby books), a beat up rocking horse from Craigslist for a whopping $15 buckaroos!

Rocking horse makeover with Frog Tape


The horse came to me painted brown, chipped, and crusty. She needed some major love. See:

Rocking horse makeover


Andy went on a boy’s weekend trip, so me and the horse went to mama’s. First, we sanded the heck out of the little guy.

Rocking horse makeover

Then, mom sprayed her white. She got at least 2 good coats of spray paint.

Rocking horse makeover with Frog Tape

And then I used my new BFF, Frog Tape® Shape Tape™ in a handy dandy pre cut chevron pattern. But, what’s extra cool about this tape is that you don’t just have to make a chevron pattern. It also makes triangles!

Rocking hrose makeover

So me, the horse, and the fancy tape got to work to create our masterpiece:

Rocking horse makeover

First, I decided to do triangles on the bottom slats. The tape makes it super easy. You peel off the back side of one side of the tape and stick her down. Then, once you’ve got in the perfect spot, peel of the other side and press firmly. Now paint. And the very best part is that you don’t have to wait for the paint to be dry to pull the tape off!  I kinda really love that.


Rocking horse


The Shape Tape ™ has fancy PaintBlock® technology that really works. That’s why you can pull the tape off when the paint is still wet! These lines are crispy and I’m not using any special stencil brush or anything. I decided to test out the chevron pattern on the mane and the seat of the horse. I taped off a super thin chevron line and voila, perfection!

Here’s a close up of the new and improved rocking horse:


And one more good ol’ before and after just for good measure:

Rocking horse before and after

What do you think… is she better after? 

Rocking horse makeover

Have you had a chance to use the new Frog Tape® Shape Tape™ yet? Check out this 30 second video below with lots more creative Shape Tape™ ideas and follow Frog Tape® on twitter at @FrogTape! Oh and just so you know, you can find the fun tape at Lowes, Walmart, and Menards all over the U.S.!













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  1. You just BLEW my mind!!!! Thank you for intended chevron projects just got a WHOLE lot easier 😉

  2. WOW — amazing before and after photos!

  3. Love this rocking horse, now that your rescued him and gave him such a fabulous makeover!

  4. I seriously need to jump on the shape tape bandwagon. LOVE how your rocking horse turned out! It’s the perfect addition to your nursery :)

  5. Love the update! And this tape is seriously genius. Will definitely have to give it a try : )

  6. This horse is super cute and I love the extra details that you made with the tape. I’m addicted to the chevron pattern. I need to get this tape:)

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