Re-Purposed Orphaned Drawers

I love a good up-cycle! Here are 18 ways to re-use old drawers.  
2: Remade Dresser from  Decades by WIS design
3: Drawer Storage Bench @ Beyond the Picket Fence
4: Large printer drawer turned Shelf @ Hummlan
5. Drawer book shelf with wall paper backing @ Crafty Nest

6: Entry Way Drawer Hangers
7: Self Watering Flower Pot @ instructables
 8: Hang a drawer and add shutters
9: Drawer Robot @ Junk Market Style
I repurposed a frame for the face along with a little drawer, a wooden spool, a box and a lid, a spindle and a stick for the rest of the body.


  1. I know it's an old post, but I just discovered it and I think it's so cool – full of inspiration, imagination and creativity. Thanks!

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