Earth shattering family vacation, literally! {Punta Cana}

I have lots of crafty stuff to post about it. Really, I do! But, for some reason I’m being a mega procrastinator lately. And well, pictures of our cute Max are way more fun to edit and stare at then pictures of painted pots! (Although my painted pot turned out cute too!) So, we went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with a 2 month old. And 8 of our friends last week! Here’s the back story, this trip was planned before I even found out I was prego! It was my 30th birthday celebration (I turn 30 on 6-29!), but Memorial Day weekend worked well for everyone and I’m all about dragging out the birthday celebrations for as long as possible! (Anyone like to celebrate a birthday month?)

Punta Cana

We made the executive decision to get Max baby a passport and make his first flight an international adventure! Getting an infant to take a passport picture is very tricky, I’m going to post about that situation soon. Max did very well on his plane rides. We nursed a ton and he only screamed bloody murder for about 10 minutes on the very last flight home. I think his ears hurt, and he had depleted his milk supply by that point, ha! Plus it was late and we had been traveling all day long. All in all, Max was a rock star traveler!

So, here’s the earth shattering part of our family vacation… we were in an Earthquake, y’all. True! We were actaully at the beach when it happened. We left immediately. I’m seriously scared of tsunamis! I’m way more scrared of a tsunami than sharks or jelly fish, silly? Maybe? But, I’ve watched home videos of tsunamis and it is terrifying! This site claims it was a 5.8 quake! That sounds huge, huh?! Apparently, it was a very deep earthquake. We definitely felt it in our little beach hut, but nothing fell over or anything. International travel and an earthquake… pretty exciting 2 months Max has had here on Earth!

Max loves the water! The pool, ocean, baths, showers… he doesn’t discriminate. I love infinity pools. And I especially love infinity pools with views of the ocean!


Here’s me and my bestie, Tina doing what we do best… drinking wine poolside after a day in the ocean!


Maxwell got nice and spoiled on the trip since everyone wanted to hold him! I must say it was pretty nice having 8 adults who want to hold your baby all day long! I really get that whole “It takes a tribe to raise a baby” thing!  Maxwell loves being held and swayed and bounced and talked too. I mean who doesn’t?! I wish someone would hold me all day long!

Max and I did lots of photo shoots! We started with a nice cozy towel for this floor photo shoot…

SAMSUNG CSCBut ended up with no towel…

Punta cana

Oh and did I mention he really prefers skinny dipping!



Here’s my yummy cake to celebrate the 30th! I love cake. And cookies. And cupcakes. And candy. And icing. Oh I really love icing. 

One day, we put on some real clothes and snapped tons of pictures of all of the couples/ families. I’m pretty impressed with our out takes! Max wasn’t feeling the camera that day, he was too sleepy from all of his swimming.



Love me a good Max- wich.

SAMSUNG CSCOh those little dangling arms!


And that sweet gummy smile!SAMSUNG CSC

Nursing at the beach is greatness. Just find a shady lounge chair and voila… the bathing suit has instant access! I get to stare at sweet Max baby and the ocean for nursing sessions… perfectness!

Punta Cana

Have you ever been to the Dominican Republic? Punta Cana? When did you travel with your babies? Have you ever tried to take an infants passport picture? Anyone else born on 6-29? Or turning 30 soon? Cheers to a wonderful summer and being 30!

Samsung camera

Psst… All of the pics were taken with my new Samsung camera! My very favorite thing about this camera is that it connects to wifi and you can email anyone, any picture instantly! Perfect for when you’re on vay-cay friends! Oh plus the cam is white, which just looks cool! But, the super fun news is that I will be giving one of these camera’s away to one of you at the end of the month!


  1. Love the pictures!

  2. Adorable!! Looks like a lovely vacation. :] //

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I’ve traveled to the Dominican Republic twice with my two year old. First time, he was ten months old. The second time was for his 2nd birthday. He shares the date with my dad who lives in the Dominican Republic. I lived in the D.R., a huge chunk of my life and boy do I miss those beaches.

  4. Sabrina says:

    Great pictures! My daughter’s first plane ride was at 20 months, but it was within the US so no passports for us.

    And I wasn’t born on 6/29 but I was born on 12/29 and turned 30 this past December so go 29er’s!!! 😉

    Happy early Birthday!

  5. what a fun adventure! I always hated nursing at the beach, but I don’t love the sticky sand at the beach anyway, so nursing just made it that much worse! What a fun adventure, do you other friends not have kids yet? Happy happy birthday, friend!

  6. I get so much pleasure out of your adorable photos of Max! This post was delightful because I got to see so many. He is a prince! I like your idea of a month long birthday celebration, too. Keep those baby Max pictures coming.

  7. Could you guys be any cuter?!

  8. Hi, we are planning our trip from Brazil to Punta Cana e would like to know the Hotel you stayed.
    Tks and congrats for 30th !! Same age here :)


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